Need opinion on this illustration

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What is the purpose of the illustration. You might not think it is important, but if you said say, this was an illustration for a juice bar in a busy gym foyer, this might work. However if this was an illustration for a organic baby food company, this might not be as successful.

The only thing I would suggest is not to mirror the notes on the right. They are reading backwards.

I get your point. Thank you.:slight_smile: I created this illustration just for daily practice.

I like the style — especially how it looks in the leaves.

The beat itself doesn’t flow quite as well as the leaves, though — the small lines in the sunglasses, the thick black lines around the edges, etc., seem a little awkward. Not sure about the purple radial background fill either — it muddies things up a bit. The musical notes seem like an afterthought, whereas if you’re going to include them, they really should look like they’re really meant to be there as an important part of the illustration — both in size, style and impact.

Thank you for the suggestion, will keep that in mind in future…:slight_smile:

As far as a “just for fun” illustration, it looks fun. I originally saw this as a radish and it took me a bit to figure it out.

Without any context I’ll just say I like where you are going with it. It’s fun :slight_smile:

Although I did actually say to myself … what does drop the turnip mean … then it dawned on me lmao … I blame it all on lack of sleep :smiley: :wink:

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Radish I can understand, but turnip? c’mon! Take your meds. Right now.

My only concern is the radial gradient background. I think it’s sucking the life out of the illustration.
I’d love to see it on a low opacity solid. 10% Cyan, or yellow perhaps would contrast the beet.

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This is an extremely important point that can be considered a generalized lesson for anyone undertaking work in which they are producing graphics or visual material of any kind.


Art, illustration, graphic design, whatever . . . it is incumbent upon the producer to recognize his or her own shortage of expertise in anything they are incorporating into the work, and to prudently and diligently research, then implement, correct use of the applicable language, symbols, syntax, etc., and be certain any rules or conventions are fully honored in the presentation. Otherwise one risks offending a portion of the audience, or at best, undermining the credibility of the piece and its creator.

Music notation is a perfect example; an inexcusabe thing to get wrong.

Will keep that in mind…

that’s a good point !!!

Love this “drop the beat” message!
The black outline on the beat is a little too thick.

Uh Oh, backward notes? Not good.

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