Need opinions on domain name

I need opinions on a domain name for a new client.

I’m helping him with branding and other technical stuff. He’s a serious amateur photographer, who photographs mostly birds in nature. Super nice work, too.

The domain name he suggested is bloodlesshunter dot com.

I’m not wild about it, believing that blood as the first word is off-putting, and cringeworthy. But I’m the cautious type, so would be grateful for other thoughts on this.

He might think the domain name is clever in that it shows that he hunts with his camera instead of a shotgun, but it draws attention to the very thing that he’s trying to avoid — killing, guns, blood and hunting. You’re totally right, it will be off-putting to much of his likely target audience.

I wouldn’t recommend it either. Even the word hunter evokes violent imagery.

I know it’s done a lot, but how about choosing from one of the many wonderful bird names?

For that name, all I get are hits for an RPG set in Transylvania.
Plus one hit for a poem by that title penned by a some-time photographer.
If your client wrote the poem, perhaps it is an apropos name.
Or not.
Where this is an amateur photographer, does he have any intentions of doing photography for a living? And anything other than birds?

I don’t have a problem with the idea, but have already heard this term when applied to photographers and safari tours mostly. But today, people are far more squeamish than they used to be.
What’s his demographic? Just himself? Or is he selling these bird photos in some way?

Typical client-grade idea. Why not activeshooter dot com?

Right. That’s why not.

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I wouldn’t see “bloodlesshunter” and think “photographer.”

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I don’t like that domain at all. He wants to be clever, but he will end up needing to defend it and explain it constantly. Puns rarely work.

Also, I suggest don’t post the domain you want to register, because someone may snatch it before you and will try to sell it back to you at a higher price.

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Printdriver, he’s local here, already has a job, and wants to take his nature bird photography to a higher level and start selling it. I’m thinking his best outlet/market will be fine art nature prints and photo gifts.

Having seen some of his work, I think he’s got potential to make a name for himself. He’s good, and striving to be better. He captured a mid-air battle between a crow and eagle that is amazing.

Maybe the word “capture” should be in the domain name instead of blood or hunter.

Hmmm, that made me think of cages, illicit shipping of exotic pets… yeah, maybe not… but thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

Word vomiting here (which I’m sure you’ve already done, but): aerial, wind, feather, flight, chirp, natural, nature, wild. Camera related: shutter, click, focus, snap, zoom.

Maybe something like wildfocus, or flightfocus? Maybe you’ve already thought of all of this but just offering a helping hand!

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Then surely the blood and hunting references won’t have the desired effect. I’d want to find something that succinctly says “action” and “art”. Something like

In the context of birds, I can see your point. I was just picking up on what you said in the previous post about capturing the mid-air battle.

It might be a good question to ask the photographer about how much they are willing to specialize, particularly in birds. If they are more willing, then something with the word “bird” in it would work nicely. If they are less willing, then something with the word “nature” would work best. If they aren’t willing to specialize in nature at all and would like to branch out, then something with the word “photo” would work best.

These are good. Thanks.

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Good also. And not taken yet…

DZ, what you said makes sense.

He’s said he’s not interested in “branching” out (sorry, :smile:) beyond nature, but may move beyond birds. I’ll have that conversation with him.

I know lots of wildlife photographers, but I’ve never understood the attraction. Photographing wild critters requires packing around big, heavy long lenses. Even more inconvenient is that the subject matter doesn’t show up on time and won’t sit still when it does. Maybe that’s why it’s a little like hunting.

I get ya, B.

But on the other hand, if you go deep into nature, by yourself… it’s nice.

And if you go to the same place often and spend time, you get to know the creatures, their patterns, what they’re likely to do. More patience than I’ve got, for sure.

But give me a horse jumping event, and I’m in Sarah heaven. I like fast-moving horses.

hello, im new here just trynna fit in :stuck_out_tongue:
id say naturehunter dot com seems nice imo

Thanks for your suggestion, tk97. :slight_smile: I like it, so I checked, and it’s for sale for $1895. A little out of our price range… but a good idea nevertheless.

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