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Hello boys and girls. And anyone who happens to be in between or other. :smiley:

Hope all you beautiful lovelies are doing well. I love popping my head in this place every so often and seeing the old, familiar faces. xoxo

I recently completely overhauled my portfolio website. Used to be part of a Wordpress blog, but have since separated it into an all-new Wix site. Wanted to look professional, but casual and approachable. Looking for my site to be a general portfolio obviously, but I do want to drive prospective clients to contact me.

I also needed to create a branded service product within my site (a sort of landing page I guess) for clients within a specific field, as I recently was laid off and will be offering fairly targeted design/printing services to former clients from my previous job.* Also trying to gather email addresses for future email blasts, hence the subscribe pop up for that page. (I know pop-ups are annoying, but I feel people have kinda accepted their existence, they seem to have good conversion, and it’s the only one on my site).

Please note, I’m NOT a web designer in any way shape or form. I design primarily for print, so I’m pretty much limited to tweaking Wix’s pre-made bits. But I do want some outside feedback about how it functions as a site and from an organization standpoint. And whatever else y’all would like to pick apart. I encourage feedback on the mobile version as well.

Note – I do plan on changing the CONTACT ME button, I don’t think it stands out enough (it’s currently a green arrow, could end up changed by the time you see this post and visit the page).

Thanks in advanced all!

*Don’t worry, there’s no non-compete, and employer has no plans to prevent me from approaching clients since they plan on discontinuing the service anyway.


Hey Virgo!!! Good to see you :heart:

It seemed to take a longer than normal for your name plate to load (stayed white for a while) … but that could have just been my crappy connection. But, everything else seemed to load fine. And as you mentioned the contact button. I like how it is set up but would like to see it closer to the top rather than scrolling to the bottom.

Overall I think it looks good :slight_smile:

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Hi Virgo!
Great to hear from you!
I’ll take a look later. Knee deep in vinyl signage here.

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Thanks Kittie. :blush:

The logo and paragraph have a fade-in animation. Do you think that should be removed?

It loaded quick for me on the first go, but not the 2nd time I loaded it. If you had more elements that had transitions in then it would be be more uniform, however having it fading in after everything else on the page loads does create a small issue for me personally. I would either remove it or add a transition to the panels below so it all feels more active (:

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Anyone else have feedback? PD, I was really looking forward to your comments. I know you don’t hold back. :wink:

The header isn’t hanging anymore … did you remove the animation or is my net on super speed today :smiley: :wink:

I didn’t get any hangs on opening.
I had absolutely no objections to it, looks good…
until the popup came up on the real estate section. I had just started to scan into reading when it came up and interrupted me. It was also a different color scheme, I thought it was a pop-up ad. That irked me as I have ads blocked.
I think just the subscribe flag at the bottom would be more than fine. There was enough visual interest to get me, a non-real-estate person to scroll all the way to the bottom.

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I eliminated the fade-in animation. :wink:

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Thanks PD.

Food for thought indeed. I hate pop-ups as well, but they apparently do well for getting people to sign up, and I really want to build a mailing list of agents who’ve opted to receive promotions. I have hundreds of email addresses collected already, but I don’t want to just start spamming them unless they’ve subscribed.

Having worked with some of these agents over the last several years, some of them are pretty darn dumb. I’m afraid that if I don’t hit them over the head with the subscription box, they’ll miss it entirely.

Would eliminating the delay for the pop-up make any difference in your opinion? Or changing the image so it matches the green that’s seen elsewhere? (I didn’t really plan for the dark green to be a ‘branding’ color, just happened that way when I started using images with grassy lawns.)

As a general FYI, there have been a few changes to the site since I first posted it. :wink:

Maybe if it popped up a little later and lower down. I had just started reading the first couple words when it popped up and covered them. Maybe if it had been lower so I didn’t feel interrupted?
I get the 2x4 to the head approach. I use a similar one with emails to project managers. You can only send them one question in an email. Otherwise they’ll only ever answer the first one.

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I can definitely delay the pop-up, and I believe I can have it anchored to the lower third of the screen. I will try that out.

Thank you again PD.

Sure thing! Good to see you around here again, even if it’s just for a visit.
Stop in anytime!

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