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Good morning, honourable members,

I have just started a training on Photoshop and Illustrator, the training takes place every Saturday and I don’t think we learn much.

For this beginning, we only studied in a basic way the first four Photoshop tools and some shortcuts.

Knowing that I want to become a professional Designer, I would not want to limit myself to this training, so I ask for your help to better progress and succeed in this training.

What are, in your opinion, the different roles of these first 4 tools?
Displacement tool, Rectangle tool, Shape tools, the Ellipse Tool, Line Tool, and Custom Shape Tool.
What are the important things and shortcuts to know for a beginner?
Please, can you help me with resources to learn more about these tools, to know them, to master them.

I would be grateful if you could advise me and guide me in this new journey, which is difficult for me to begin.


Heya, why don’t you check out tutorials and courses online (perhaps specifically about these tools)? It’s really easy to find information about them and you learn most by making things with it.

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Thank you for your comment and suggestion.
I just though i can get from members who have it already, i’m not sure if i can get good resources, but i’ll try, but you can also help me if you have something, videos, link or others…

Learning the software isn’t how you become a professional designer.
There’s a whole lot of other things that go into that profession. A lot of theory, a lot of learning through doing (preferably under the mentorship of someone who’s been around the block a few times.)
Far too many youngster designers out there trying to reinvent the wheel.
I pity their clients.


Hold up. So you don’t want to waste time with the basics, but you’re asking us about the roles of tools? That IS the basics. Stick with your class and ask these questions there. Utilizing these will become more apparent as you eventually cover every tool.


Sorry to say that the tools are not “the basics.”
Understanding the theory behind design and why certain things will work for certain demographics while others won’t is far more important than the tools. Tools just take practice, but without the knowledge to put them to good use, they are useless.

That old analogy, the carpenter. You can spend all week learning how to bang nails into a board using a hammer, but it doesn’t teach you how to build the house.

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I agree, but the poster wrote that he was only learning “the first four tools” and only talking about software. I was under the assumption that this was a software class, not a design one.

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Which begs the wider question; are they doing the right course, or are they learning in the wrong direction?

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In any case, to me it sounds like they’re going pretty slow. I don’t like classes in groups for this reason, because they need to set a standard so everyone can understand it, even that person who has never used a computer before (as a matter of speaking). One on one classes (or online learning) are much better because you can determine your learning speed by yourself. Ofcourse not everyone has the money for these lessons, though if you’re paying for live lessons, you can afford the online ones aswell. I think these courses are often better and it saves you traveling. I suppose sometimes it’s nice to have a teacher tell you what you’re doing wrong, but I haven’t had much trouble learning on my own up till now. I just find the forums very refreshing because you’re getting answers to very specific questions or the view of others on your work :slightly_smiling_face: there are several courses where you have some interaction with the teacher too. Perhaps it’s just the way of learning you prefer. Group lessons are not for me though.

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This question come up often. My answer is always the same.

A good starting point is Adobe Classroom in a Book Series.

Each chapter has a simple lesson plan that teaches you how to use one tool. This teaches you what everything is “for”. The rest is practice practice practice.

On youtube free tutorials:
Photoshop Training Channel - Jesus Ramirez
PixImperfect - Umesh Dinda

Each is a master and each has lessons ranging from 1 minute fixes to extremely detailed techniques.

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I am pleased with your participation on this subject that is close to my heart and I thank you for it.
However, what do you suggest to me to progress well and especially not to disappoint a clientele I may have?
Knowing that I am in an environment where I cannot find a person to learn and practice regularly, what do you suggest?

The training I mentioned only takes place every Saturday and the trainer has informed us that he is very busy.

I am pleased with your participation on this subject that is close to my heart and I thank you for it.

In your opinion, how should I deal with my questions and attitudes?

In fact, I started by talking about these 4 tools, because these are the first tools we’ve already seen, and I thought it might be better for me to limit myself to them for the moment and wait as the training progresses to discover the other tools… What do you think of that?.

Thank you for your advice, I will keep in mind to be attentive during the training and to question…

I think you have some tips and tricks that can be very useful to me, I would be grateful for that…

The terms software class used by SurfPark, really attracts my attention and I think it is right somewhere… But I must say that I didn’t really choose that. My intention was to discover graphic design, infography, to progress in the field and then professionalize myself.

We can say that I am in the wrong direction, so I ask your help to clarify me on everything that can be useful to me, whether it is advice, attitudes, methods of practice, etc…

Your comment is very useful…
Can you recommend sites for me to learn online as well? Due to my time, I can’t take classes live; but available for any other…

We look forward to reading back to you.

Thank you for sharing your advice with me.
I’ve already heard about this show. Does it exist in video?.

If you don’t mind, I would also like to know if there are any learning resources (text and video) designed by Adobe?

We look forward to reading back to you.

If you have a creative cloud account, under the main CC app (where you manage your CC programs) there’s a learn tab there are Adobe created tutorials to learn the software where you can pick the software you want to learn for ma dropdown. At the bottom of the tutorial lists, it says “Hundreds of tutorials on Adobe” Click the “See All” button and it will take you to a website where the tutorials are broken down into beginner and advanced.

But, as others have said, you can learn the software, but you also need to learn and understand everything from color theory, movement, hierarchy, typography, balance, branding, client management, user experience, grids and when to use them and when to break them, etc., etc.


Seanwes, Thefutur, Lynda, Phlearn, Schoolism, Schoolofmotion, this just takes literally a couple seconds on google.

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Yes, As good as these courses might be, they’re no substitute for the insight obtained from personal, hands-on work and learning the ropes from those with more experience in the millions of things that are never mentioned in books or in online courses.


Not that I know of. But the book comes with downloadable lesson plans for each chapter, so you learn by doing.

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