New beagle

We picked up a nine-week-old beagle puppy over the weekend. We haven’t thought of a good name yet. Any suggestions.

I had forgotten how much work a new puppy is. She goes off on an hour-long destructive rampage, then collapses into a deep sleep.


Awesome. What a good looking girl. And puppies are definitely “tiring”.

And you are brave to be asking anyone for name ideas over the internet, ha.

How about “Just Beagle” to go with “Just B”. I kid.


Hey, that’s pretty good. :laughing: I don’t think my wife would go for it, though.

OMG she’s adorrrrrable!! :heart::heart:

Congratulations!! :heart::heart:

I had a little girl Beagle when I was younger. She was called Tippy. This little darling looks more like a Lucy or Rosie or maybe even Lily.


Let us know what you two decide on. :slight_smile:

Nice one. There’s nothing like new puppy smell (well, most of the time). They are just so cute at that age – as long as you don’t mind needle tooth punctures in everything, including your hand.


I was set on giving my next dog a dead flat name (in dog terms, at least) like Steve, Dave or Karl. I quite like people names for dogs.

In the end, my plans were scuppered, as my step daughter took Dave, after I told her my plans – kids eh!. Also, my dog didn’t suit any of them, as she is a she.

Any one of those names seems to fit her. Thanks to your suggestion, we’re leaning toward Rosie, but Mrs. B is notorious for changing her mind the next day. Maybe we’ll call her Rosie for a day or two to see if it sticks. Come to think of it, we had a Guernsey milk cow when I was a kid named Rosie. :grinning:

Our last dog’s name was Mable. She lived to be 16, but we got her as a puppy from a family with two cute little girls. One of the little girls had named her Mable. She started to tear up as we were leaving with the puppy. There was no way we could change her name to something else.

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Such exciting times for you two :heart: You will have to keep us posted with growing up pics.

I just love puppies … and yes … even their smell. Puppy breath is about one of the most comforting and joyus things I can think of.

Don’t judge me LOL :grin:

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That’s a sweet baby. Beagle pups do have something truly special about them. My late brother was addicted to them, and had girls named Bella, Daisy, and Rosie. I always thought I’d prefer less “human” names, but they do grow into such names as their personalities develop beyond the puppy stage.

Extending the theme a bit (as opposed to hijacking the thread, I hope), after a tough year for my wife, undergoing multiple surgeries, being more “cat people,” we decided her emotional healing could be accelerated some by some additions to the family. Meet Sylvie and Minka:


Well, I’m a cat person as well as a Dog person … oh fluff … I’m an animal person.

I’ve always said if I run into a Lion my dying words will be psp… pssp… pssssp…

Your babies are gorgeous!

Are they Persian or Himalayan? I can’t quite tell from their coats as yet.

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They are “rag”…ragdoll, ragamuffin…which in my limited understanding are probably just slang for some other more scientific terms, but I think they are an intentional crossbreed, and Persian is in the recipe. Your question in itself tips that you may know more about it than I.

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Ahhh could be … they are all such fluffy bundles … it’s hard to tell when they are teeny beeny :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ragdoll cats have (or used to have) a genetic tendency to go limp when picked up, making them easier to cuddle when You want to cuddle. I’m not so sure the cat has a choice. They’re said not to fight back if mishandled by children. Personally, I think a good scratch across the hand is a good learning tool for children not to pick on things smaller than themselves.

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I grew up with the code:
“If you keep it up and the cat scratches you … I don’t want to hear it!” - Mom


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That goes right along with “What did you do to the cat that made it scratch you?”

My little feral still gives me a good scratch once in a while. But only when trying to give her the nasty-tasting liquid medicine she gets for upper respiratory infections. The one time I had to give it without help, it looked like I’d stuck my arm into a bramble thicket. But I still love her.

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Ooh … been there. I just got done with antibiotics for my girl. And that was not pleasant for either of us. I had to firmly wrap her in a towel and pin her under my arm so I could hold her mouth and hope I get most of it in with the syringe lol … fun times :wink:

Congrats on the new pup. :partying_face:

We got an eight week old a few years ago. A lotta work getting them that young but it’s well worth it.

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We’ve gotten our other dogs at 12 or 13 weeks, but the breeder said she didn’t want to wait that long. She’s cute as can be, but she’s a monster. If we let her out of sight for more than a minute she’s found something to chew on or some small space between furniture and a wall to get to get stuck in.


I consider myself a cat person too. The irony is, I inherited this cat named Alley who wouldn’t give me the time of the day. He’d only notice his lowly owner when meal is served late, and give me a colourful talking-to.



Charlie is a good name, but she’s a girl — although I have a good friend whose wife goes by Charlie. :wink:

We decided on RKK’s suggestion of Rosie. :grinning:

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