New flyers for upcoming event

Online flyers?

Still, it’s meant to be read by viewers, and if it is illegible, the point is lost on me.

Legibility is determined by the displayed size, among other things. This and pixels only have a limited relevance online, as some (“social”) media reduce the number of pixels and it is then no longer possible to zoom in meaningfully.
I almost always create semi-realistic mockups/simulations of the real experience in order to rule out as many quality losses of any kind as possible.

Thank you for the reply. So if they were to print it out they would want it to be the size of a 5x7 card or if it were an 8x11 sheet of paper fit two flyers on 1 sheet and print out and cut. Which now, I am curious to see if I put that in size was how much that would differ the design, maybe it would give me more space then what i have currently. Right now the canvas size is 2415 px wide and 1638px height.

A particular pet hate of mine is vertically stacked words. The Latin alphabet was never designed to be used this way, so creates some really ugly spaces when you do. Plus,it always ends up looking like a cheap gimmick when used in this way.

Overall, I agree with Eriskay. There is absolutely no coherence to it. Legibility is dubious, at best. This is not the first of these church posters you have presented. It always seems like you get honest critiques, but never seem to learn from any of it for the next one.

The obsession with silhouettes always adds a bit of a sinister fell to them. Not sure why you cant use actual people?

This one, for me, is a ‘back to the drawing board’ situation.

Thank you for your honesty and reply I do appreciate it. You are right, it is not the first of these church posters, that is all I post because that is the only reason I am doing anything relate to graphic design. I do try to take everything into consideration every time and I try to get better. The hardest thing I feel like I am struggling with in these (i know besides everything and all of it), is the call to action. I sit here and think okay call to action…on an event: DWF, theme: divine intervention. I don’t know what would draw people to something like that, to me the call to action seems to be either a word or a picture but i feel like if i were to just put a few more words it wouldnt truly matter since the whole design concept isn’t engaging in itself. TBH I almost feel bad every time i go to post one of these because I do try but I know it rarely if ever improves. I think I purposely just do siholouttes instead of the actual people for there privacy sake (for there privacy). Though I do wonder if the sihlloutes themsevles make it look worse then what it is w/actual people but I think if im being honest the flyers are shotty to begin with always so the sihlouttes dont make that much of a difference vs an actually good flyer. you could have an awsome flyer and use sihlouttes and it would still look good just a lil off w/the sihlouttes (at least that is my opinion).

To answer your question- I have never asked if i can use there picture to post here, they know i post the flyers on a site to get reviewed by pros but I always want to be considerate of that.

Half letter (8.5 x 11) in landscape is 8.5 x 5.5. Your current canvas at 300 DPI is 8.05 x 5.46, so very close to that. (Just divide pixels by DPI - dots by dots per inch if you will - to get inches)

Hope that helps for your thought process and futures!

Also… I noticed in your grid photo (about justification) that you originally aligned the bounding box for the text to the grid rather than the text itself. Grids are for aligning elements, not their bounding boxes (no doubt I will be corrected if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am…). Sadly, most design software makes this difficult because 1) turning on Snap to Grid almost always snaps bounding boxes to the grid and 2) most software defaults to only showing you bounding boxes when you drag things. So to fix 1 turn off Snap to Grid, make your grid visible, and align by eye; to fix 2, dig thru your settings for the one that shows the item being moved in real time (called different things in different programs). If you can’t find such an option or your computer isn’t quite powerful enough to do it, drag the bounding box approximately to the grid and nudge from there.

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You may be done with this flyer by now, since the post is a few days old, but I thought I’d toss in a few suggestions of what I’d personally do.

First, I like the background and general color scheme.

Although at risk of looking a little cliché, I would experiment with moving “Divine” back up horizontally above “intervention”, but change the font to a cursive/fancy font sort of promoting the “classy” divinity aspect (leaving “intervention” font as it is).

I’d take the people out of the circle (removing the circle altogether), make them (people) bigger sticking up from the bottom of the page but filling a majority of the right side of the screen. (Even running a little behind the Bible perhaps).

Since they’re just silhouettes, it’s hard to say, but I’m guessing their picture cuts off on both sides where their shoulders/arms are. If that’s the case, you could experiment with fading the edges out, or aligning the image to the bottom right corner (scaled up of course).

I’d put “Dominion Word Festival” all on one line (Make it bolder text) running the length of the word “Intervention” and just under it.

You have a lot of open space, so all that tiny text info could stand to fill the space some more. I’d experiment with making it larger and different placement. For example after the adjustments to “Divine Intervention / Dominion Word Festival”, I’d maybe scale that group up and move it to the left some.

Light text on light background is usually hard to read, a greater contrast would help here.
so I’d at least put a dark box behind the text or consider changing the text color. The yellow days of the week is difficult to see against the gray background, so I’d change something there also.

These are just some random thoughts I had, if it’s not already too late. Good luck!

Hi! Thank you for your input. It is appreciated! It isn’t too late yet but they decided to not go with mine but since they want an adjustment made, I may make your changes and send it back along w/the 2nd one i shared with them which was a canva template.

The ideas you share are clear and concise and I am actually going to take your advice and re-create so I can see the difference. As I was reading it, it was easy for me to visualize it.

I actually provided this flyer (above) and another one (example of it below, as it is from a canva template), that way they had 2 to look at.

The template one below is literally very basic and has text in the center (in a few different font sizes) and the pic to the right. I was kinda sad they chose the template over the one i spent time and effort on trying to do some things different or new etc.

For the record, idk if we can put the template above as an example but I was just trying to share.

Oh well, that happens. The more designing you do, the more you’ll find people won’t always like your design (even though you may put a lot into it.).As long as you keep trying to learn and add new techniques, you’ll eventually get there.

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” - Anthony J. D’Angelo

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I wanted to share this with you.

They decided to go with a different picture of themselves so I had to redo all the drafts i had wi the the 2 different pictures they chose. In resending everything (18 drafts in total because they had 2 diff. Pics but then wanted them faded and not faded).

In all of that I included the one with the adjustments you suggested and they decided to go with that one! So thank you!

I am really glad they went with one of the ones I made vs a canva one that was super plain. The only request now to this, is to make it sharper/more glossy before sharing it, so I’ll have to dig into that and share thwt with them.

After they changed pictures it kinda changes the layout and look of everything too because the colors on there clothes etc all play a part in it too and it seems to change the whole look of a flyer. At least in my opinion.