New Guy, Old Designer & Illustrator

Hello everyone.
I looking forward to reading about everyone’s perspectives and ideas on making great art and a better design world.

I have many years in various media, worked as a T-shirt designer, packaging design, buttons and coins, video, I use Adobe illustrator and photoshop as well as other programs.

Recently I have gotten in to board game design and art.

Hello! Welcome to the forum!

Thanks Pan Toshi!

Hiya Catfight!! Welcome aboard from one feline to another :smiley:

When you get a minute have a look here. It will help get you acquainted with the forum… a few rules and some tips and tricks. You can also customize your profile and add an avatar by clicking on your current avatar in the upper right hand corner and then on the :gear: symbol for preferences :slight_smile:


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!

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