New here and could use some help!

Hi GDF members!

I am Sam a 30 year old guy living in Belgium and I need an update on my logo by people who know their field. I hope someone can help me out :slight_smile:

Talk you soon!



Hiya VDP :slight_smile:

Welcome Aboard!!

You can place an ad to hire a designer right here
------------------> Classifieds

Be sure to leave an email where you can be contacted as the thread will auto close after posting.

Hi RedKittieKat!

This is usefull! thanks a lot!

It seems this is a Flemish nationalist party founded in 2004 after its predecessor was condemned by the high court for “permanent incitation to discrimination and racism.”. This job is now listed in the classified section, I thought I ought to flag up the seemingly extreme nature of the politics involved, in case anyone interested would take objection to working for this kind of political organisation. I know I wouldn’t want anything to do with it.

Hi Sprout

Thanks for your quick respond! Well you mean Vlaams Belang, but it got nothing to do with the Vlaamse Democratische Partij. The Flemish lion is the symbol of Flanders that’s about it. It is indeed a national party but not racism. Thanks any way.

Not being versed in the nuance of Flemish politics, I have to take your word for it. I just did a little research when I saw your post, as it set off several alarm bells. Given how polarised politics has become, it is prudent to be ever-vigilant for extremist views, as history shows us that can only lead one way. – not something the majority of Europe wants to see a repeat of. I am always wary of nationalist ideology For exactly that reason. Anyway, I’ll stop here, as we are veering rapidly off topic.


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