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Hello everyone, I just got started with online classes at LAFS I’m going for my B.S in Graphic Design. I have little experience in the industry but I’m here for some advice on starting my own Graphic Design company. I’m hoping to gain more experience as I progress in my classes and be to source of help to anyone who would to get in the industry.

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Hi and welcome.

Regarding starting a business in design with very little experience. Simply; don’t.

Get a full education, then at least 5 years’ experience working in the industry before even thinking about it. It is a tough industry with loads of competition at the best of times. On top of that running a successful business is hard enough as it is. With little knowledge and experience, you almost condemn it to failure before it starts.

That’s not to put you off. It’s a great career if you are successful.

However, give yourself the best chance you can. Do what you are doing and learn as much as you can. Work harder than you think is enough. Then get as much industry experience as you can. Only then do you have a chance.

Learn to walk before you run. You will be glad you did 10 years from now.

Because this is an online course, it’s kinda tough to suggest doing all the things a normal curriculum would offer.
The biggest shortcoming I’m seeing is a lack of structured internships.
Entry level jobs in this industry start with a 4-year degree and 2 years of experience. See the Catch22 there? Get that 2 years of experience while still in school doing internships, part time jobs, directed work (for instance, the school yearbook or on campus print shops.) Lacking that, you have to do it yourself. Get a part time or full time job in the industry in any capacity. Even feeding paper into a cutter at a printshop is better experience than flipping burgers. While you’re feeding that paper, observe and ask questions.

Stay curious.
Good luck

Welcome Aboard!!! :wave:

Welcome welcome! Have a good semester

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