New Logo for my online gaming team, Team CODE

Please let me know your thoughts on this.

I’m also trying to find a nice font that would work with it for the web site. Do you know of any fonts that have a similar look / feel to this design?

Thanks ahead,


I like the idea and the feel of it, but it feels too much. Maybe you can remove some elements or make it more compact. Can you put the E inside the square?

Also, work on the colors. Black, white, red is a bit too old school and aggressive. Pick a more sophisticated color scheme. Look at these graphics, which are really cool for this subculture.

Hi @iraszl,

Hmmm I like the idea of having the E in the square but what bothers me is that it’s not going to read well C O D E. The color options you gave are neat! I will play with those too.

One back story on this design is that it is also supposed to be a picture of a finger hitting a button or key. If you turn the image -90 degrees, you’ll see what I mean.


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OK Guys! I took my logo a step further and animated it…

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Impressive design… I like it.


In my opinion, it looks a little off balanced to me. The left side has a lot more heavy elements in comparison to the right.

The difference in length between the 3 red bars also seems like too much to me. The dead (black) white space after the red center bar looks awkward.

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