New Logo

My team and I are creating a logo for Golden Chopstix, we need some feedback please.

another one! lol, I can’t stop laughing.

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whats wrong with it

Maybe this high school thats sending us all these students should donate to finance the GDF forum.


Do you have sketches of ideas you can share? If not, you should. Get some pen and paper, crayon and paper, chalk and sidewalk … whatever, and sketch, sketch, sketch.

No, seriously: SKETCH!

Yes, sketch!

This blog sums it up pretty nicely, IMO.

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I honestly don’t mean to be mean, but it’s difficult to critique because there’s nothing right about it. Sorry.

The typography is anemic. The plate, or whatever it is, doesn’t look like a plate. You haven’t even centered the circles. And how do you propose to print this when you only have one color available?

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Oh yeah, it only takes one student sharing in a classroom. “Hey, there’s this cool online place with professional designers that will help us with this class project.”


Here’s some research you could share with the class.

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I sort of remember what it was like to be in high school, so I’m a little bit sympathetic.

I do wonder, however, if the teacher even explained those things that add up to a good logo before turning the students loose on designing them.

I’m all for increasing teacher salaries, but not this particular high school teacher’s salary.

And if the teacher did, I wonder if the students even listened, or were they playing videos in class on the machines or their phones?

My strong hunch is that the teacher is teaching the software and then issue design assignments. Software knowledge does not equal design knowledge.


Perhaps the idea is to critique the logos in class after the students have had a crack at them by themselves and they aren’t confident enough to just go in without any feedback at all.

Or, if the instructor asked them to post here, maybe it’s to learn some things from the GDF experts, improve the designs and then discuss them in class.

It would be a good idea if we didn’t live in an economy that relies on money to keep it going.

I couldn’t agree more. I think the world would be a much better, kinder place without money.

However, if I may say so, your statement does not fit this particular context. Because aren’t we all here on this forum to learn and/or to share our knowledge with others? We even have a separate category called the Student Forum.

To a certain degree, yes. I’m assuming that the student forum is for college students. I could be wrong.

I’m willing to give a little bit of feedback here and there for free. I’d be willing to give more if our economy didn’t rely on the exchange of money. But since it does and time is money, I’m using my time more sparingly.

What next? Will we be giving elementary school students advice?

A friendly reminder:


DZ, we welcome all here. If you do not wish to address student work, you are free to skip the thread and focus on threads more to your liking.


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Point taken PanToshi.

Perhaps there should be a designated high school student level subforum apart from a college level student subform.

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I personally do not see a need, but I’ll bring your suggestion to the other forum leaders for consult.

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