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My strong hunch is that the teacher is teaching the software and then issue design assignments. Software knowledge does not equal design knowledge.


Perhaps the idea is to critique the logos in class after the students have had a crack at them by themselves and they aren’t confident enough to just go in without any feedback at all.

Or, if the instructor asked them to post here, maybe it’s to learn some things from the GDF experts, improve the designs and then discuss them in class.

It would be a good idea if we didn’t live in an economy that relies on money to keep it going.

I couldn’t agree more. I think the world would be a much better, kinder place without money.

However, if I may say so, your statement does not fit this particular context. Because aren’t we all here on this forum to learn and/or to share our knowledge with others? We even have a separate category called the Student Forum.

To a certain degree, yes. I’m assuming that the student forum is for college students. I could be wrong.

I’m willing to give a little bit of feedback here and there for free. I’d be willing to give more if our economy didn’t rely on the exchange of money. But since it does and time is money, I’m using my time more sparingly.

What next? Will we be giving elementary school students advice?

A friendly reminder:


DZ, we welcome all here. If you do not wish to address student work, you are free to skip the thread and focus on threads more to your liking.


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Point taken PanToshi.

Perhaps there should be a designated high school student level subforum apart from a college level student subform.

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I personally do not see a need, but I’ll bring your suggestion to the other forum leaders for consult.

Overbearing and underdesigned.

I made a couple of snarky comments in this thread, and I apologize. Mea culpa.

I’m generally happy to help anyone who asks if I can contribute, but I do really like to know the context. If the question is super brief, then our helpful answers may be way off the mark. If the requestor provides some details, I feel we can give them more targeted answers.

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No worries. Asking for context is absolutely appropriate, it helps garner better feedback. We just try to keep folks from piling on too much. As Kool said, we were all newbies once upon a time. :slight_smile:


You are just rude

Sorry. I shouldn’t have responded on this thread. Maybe you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me.

what can we fix

You can surely get the help you need here, but it would be a lot easier for us to offer appropriate resonses if someone from your class would answer the questions I posted here:
Can you help out with that?

@Adrian301 The short answer to “what can we fix” is start over. Way back I posted to sketch ideas out … which really does help. And not just 1 or 2 … but 40 or 50 minimum.

Even as a student, its worth understanding that graphic design is not something like math, where there is a right or wrong answer, where one of us can point out that you miscalculated a number, or left off some part of an equation, etc. Its straight up “problem solving” but in a true sense of figuring out how to get something to work.

The first thing that comes to mind is this short clip form the Apollo 13 movie. Now, while its true that logo design or most graphic design is not a life and death situation, the problem solving aspect of this scene is a decent metaphor for design. So, when you post a single logo and ask “what you can do to fix it”, there won’t just be a 3 step simple process.

My best bit of advice, even as a student is to look at other logos, create a mood board (collection of images, sketches, color swatches, etc.) that you feel are the general vein of what you are wanting to communicate. And start sketching and coming up with ideas.

Right now your logo doesn’t look like a solution to a logo “problem”, instead it looks like the restaurant name in a randomly selected font, in a circle, with some rudimentary chopstick element.

At the least give us your thought process, give us sketches, give us your ideas and then we will be able to weigh in to offer you advice, but at the end of the day the solution will have to be yours.


Did you read the link I posted earlier in this discussion? About what makes a good logo?

The JUST Creative article is great. Now, after finalizing a logo design, there is more work to do. You want to avoid these 10 logo design mistakes.

Hi, Creativeboost. Welcome to the forum. It’s great having you here to share your insight.

You might want to read through the forum rules, however. The very first rule is one about advertising.

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