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Hi there!

Aspiring desingner from Nashvile, TN. I’m a self taught designer with around 6 years of experience. I’ve come a LONG way, but have a LOT to learn.

Recently, I’ve been trying to learn how to make simple marks/logos that are built on grid systems like the Golden Ratio. I find it facnating how simple shapes can make some outstanding designs.

I’ve joined this forum to see what others are making and to get help when I run into issues.

Glad that a site like this exists :slight_smile:

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I gave you your own post Decker :slight_smile:

Welcome Aboard and enjoy your stay :slight_smile:



I was a big fan of the golden ratio for the longest time, but recently I realized that it’s just ‘superstition’. It doesn’t carries the magical properties people associate it with. Btw, did you notice the GDF logo? It’s somewhat inspired by it. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! :smile:

Hi Decker,

I’m trying to teach myself design too. Glad to know it is possible to do that and be able to earn a living as a designer.

Perhaps we can have a chat some time about how you managed it?

In the meantime, welcome to the forum.

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