New Member Intro - seanacerros

Hello my name is Seana and I am new to graphic designing. I am currently a student at LAFS studying for a bachelors of science in graphic design and entertainment. This forum seems its legit, talks about topics that i want to learn about. Looking forward to getting to know everyone here.

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Surely your instructor wouldn’t send you someplace he didn’t think was legit, would he?

Well, I know for a fact that this forum is good for LAFS.

Gee, I hope we are legit :wink:

Welcome @seanacerros! I made a new thread for you since you posted on someone else’s.

I think you the 45th student LAFS has sent to sign up. But, that seems about as far as it goes. So, as I keep saying …

It’s ok to come back :wink:

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