New Member Introduction for KingNuet

Hello all! I’m KingNuet also known as Des. I’ve been designing for 15 years, and have experience in the color management field for grand scale printers. I’m a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a 3.8 core curriculum in Graphic Design. I’m here to answer questions, as well as learn from others.

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Welcome Aboard @KingNuet :slight_smile:

I gave you your own intro post :slight_smile:

You asked a really strange thing then, if you’ve been in the industry 15 years.
Sorry for that one, but I prepress specialty large format and have been dealing with the vagaries of specialty output houses across the country for years.

And it’s been a very long couple of days.

@PrintDriver I didn’t ask any questions.

@RedKittieKat Thanks!

Welcome aboard - look forward to conversing with a like-minded soul!

Thank you @Smurf2. Likewise.

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