New on the platform

Hi Everyone
I am new to this forum, Introducing Myself Rishabh Goel, working for an online platform to hire freelance experts in various services including website development & graphic design.

So I would like to ask how should I reach out to potential graphic designers through this community to come on our website & signup as an expert. It is a very new platform with less competition & we would ensure you good visibility through our website to get projects from the Indian audience.

Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

If you are offering a paying job you may place an ad in the Classifieds.

You may leave a brief description so viewers know the basics of what you are offering. Be sure to type out your email ( abcdef at google dot com) where you can be contacted by anyone who may be interested. New users are not allowed links for spam protection.


Actually we are a freelancing website like fiver, specially for indian freelancers. We need graphic designers to come to our platform & create their gigs well so that we make them live on our website.

Can this be done through this platform well ?

Well, we don’t allow sites like fiverr on here. They are crowd sourcing sites that promote unethical practices. They are all spec work and thus do not compensate the designer in a fair manner.

So I guess the answer to you is NO. Since you are apparently looking for cheap labor and churned out goods, no one here is interested.

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