New streamer, channel screens crit

Twitch streamer; these are some of the screens for the channel.

He wants to come across as angry (justified anger; i.e bad game mechanics, bad RNG, etc.) but there is happiness behind the anger - Basically just rants that’s he’s personality.


  • New streamer
  • Alias is MadMax
  • Variety steamer (Multiple games - wants to test the waters)
  • Wanted to stand out but not like a sore thumb, own unique way.
  • Audience wise, he’s looking at 16-25 as a main focus with other audiences being welcomed - somewhat mature however.

Other elements will be created but before continuing I just wanted to have a crit on the design aspect. Is it appropriate, does it have ethical issues or anything close to it and does the design come across as relevant to his personality - I know you don’t know them as a person but can you get a glimpse of what he is like? Does it make you curious as to what he is like beyond being angry? Is there room for his personality to grow?

I personally want to know: Can the branding be expanded to suit other scenarios, i.e other social platforms.

The brick wall image is credited to: Waldemar Brandit - Unsplash.

2nd post, not sure if I have formatted it correctly. Please let me know if I have broken rules or such. Thank you in advance.

why does the link DOWNLOAD an image instead of open into another tab?

I am not sure. It is the same file format as the other two and they display as normal. It is not intended to be a download link.

Sorry for unintended inconvenience.

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It was an upload like the rest :wink: It was formatted a tad wrong. All fixed :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much for fixing the issue. :slight_smile:

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