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Hello! My name is Dolores, and I am looking to find a place where I can get professional advice for my graphic design work but privately. Is there a possible way to achieve this with GDF, or is there another site you recommend?

I appreciate your time,
Kind Regards

Hi and welcome. If you want a critique, post your work here. There are plenty of seasoned pros around here who can help.

If you are looking for one-to-one, private mentorship, then that is often a paid service some experienced designers offer, so are unlikely to do it for free.

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Thank you.
I am looking for a private knowledgeable mentorship that can help. Where do you think I can find it?

Honestly, I think it would benefit you more to open it out and get a number of opinions here. One-to-mentorship and professional advice is not likely to come cheap.

In addition, part of becoming a designer is acquiring the ability to take objective criticism, objectively and not personally. If you can’t, your career is going be an emotionally painful one. Clients don’t usually pull their punches when they don’t like something.

Can I ask why you seem so reluctant to post here and get professional help (for free)? Is it shyness. If so, you really need to work on that. No one here will crucify you. They will offer professional opinions, often based on decades of practice in the industry.

It can often be brutally honest, but frankly, that’s the only way to learn.

Perhaps the OP doesn’t want their client to see their corporate work posted here. :wink:

A private mentor is like hiring a private tutor. A good one will cost you money.