New to the Graphic Design and eager to learn!

Hey everybody! After reading some of these intros I see that I am one of many LAFS students! I am very excited to learn all about graphic design and I believe this is going to be a great place for me to learn the ropes. I am very new to all of this so I will likely have a lot of questions so any beginner advice is welcome. Thanks! :blush:

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We don’t really have any specific “beginner advice” for designers.
Here’s my 2 cents:

  1. be prepared as much as possible for the real world. Entry level is a 4-year degree (bachelors) and 2 years of experience. Get that experience now, while still a student. Preferably is mentored internships or part time work.

  2. Figure out where you want to be in 10 years and work toward it starting now. If you don’t have a goal in mind, you will just drift along at the lower levels of the field. Aim high.

Welcome to the GDF forum, Rattpack.

Nearly all of those LAFS students signed up to fulfill a class requirement, then promptly disappeared.

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Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

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