New to this forum, but not to graphic design

Bonjour, y’all! I am a graphic designer, prepress expert, illustrator, writer and editor/proofreader who has just discovered this website today. I’ve been working in the field in a variety of locations and organizations since 1985, when I got my BFA in Graphic Design from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. (Go Tigers!) I’m a full-blooded Cajun, born and (mostly) raised in Lafayette, LA, the capital of Cajun country.

Since then I’ve worked in New Orleans, the Washington, DC area, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta and southern Africa. I hope to be able to contribute usefully and that my skills, experience and learning can benefit others, especially younger new entrants to the field, and that I can expand them here as well. My website address is in my profile, so hit me up if you need/want to know anything at all about me or the profession. Have a great day and stay safe and healthy.


Welcome Aboard CG!! :slight_smile:

Are you back in LA? Just reading your great intro makes me want to go listen to some sweet Zydeco :slight_smile:

Welcome, Cajun Gypsy.

All of the sudden, I’m craving a big pot of jambalaya. And my wife asked me just the other day what I wanted for Father’s Day dinner. Hmm.

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No, I’m still in Atlanta as my wife works for CDC. Not leaving for a few years yet.

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