Nonprofit Mental Health Logo - Be very honest!

A quick check and they have a website already up using this logo.
Did you design this logo, and why are you looking for feedback now since the client has gone live?

More info required please.

I work for them and have some issues with it, difficulty incorporating it into designs and I wanted to get some feedback on it from other designers to see if they think it is a good logo or if it has problems. I didn’t design it, I sort of ‘inherited’ it. I am the only designer at the company, I have voiced my complaints about it but I don’t think they understand or can see what would be problematic about it.

What are your concerns and what do you think is problematic about it?
Have they asked for a logo change?

My problems are that it does not hold up at smaller sizes (the strokes are so thin, it has no presence when made small). It is also complex, has too many letters and is really tricky to balance (flush left, flush right, center). It has kind of a wonky ‘internal’ balance that messes with your eyes.

They aren’t asking to change it, but I may suggest that they do at some point in the future. What do you think of it?

Have you got any ideas or logo changes you want to show us?

No, I was just looking to see if others found similar criticisms, or had a different take on it.

It’s kind of against the rules here to run a critique on a design for anyone other than the original designer.
I suppose we could agree or disagree with your assessment though.

“kind of”?

I don’t know who did the logo for them but there are so many technical errors it may just have been a design contest logo or a first timer.

It’s up to a mod to lock it. [shrug]


First … Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

and second, I’m closing this as it’s against one of our few rules.

Do not post someone else’s design for critique.

Thanks for understanding.

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