Novice needs advice please

Hello and thanks in advance.

I am a Realtor hoping to do some of my own design work.

In particular, I would like to take a stock image of a baseball player, and replace the face with my own.

What would be the easiest software to learn how to do that please?


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Welcome Aboard :slight_smile:

The industry standard for photo editing is Photoshop by Adobe… not sure if you would call it easy. But, once you get to know the software it’s pretty nice.

Being that you are new to all this. You will first need to use an image that you have the rights to. Even if you purchase a stock image you need to make sure the user agreement would allow for manipulation.

I’m answering this quickly as I have to run an errand … I’m sure others will have good suggestions as well.

Personally, I’d use Photoshop, but it’s likely overkill for what you have in mind. Since most of us here are professional designers (or students), we don’t have all that much experience with the easiest or cheapest. There’s likely hobbyist-level software that would work just fine, but I don’t have a clue what that might be.

However, if you’re going to be shooting or working regularly with photographs of real estate, you might want to invest in Photoshop — either that or, perhaps, Lightroom, which most Photographer seem to prefer.

I’m a designer, looking to sell property on the side. Could you tell me what is the easiest way to do this please? Nope? Because it takes knowledge and experience?

I am not having a go at you personally – well, perhaps I am a bit, but not exclusively. Why is it everyone thinks that just by learning software, you can suddenly do the job of a designer / retoucher / compositor? To do what you want effectively takes more than a basic understanding of software.

Would you do some of your surveying, conveyancing, etc, without the knowledge of an expert in order to save a few dollars?

What you need to do the job is a copy of photoshop and a good few years experience. Again, I am not popping at you personally, but it’s a skilled job. Perhaps you should just pay for those skills.

Those of us here who have been doing this for years, can spot a mile off when a hobbyist, have-a-go-hero has done this sort of thing. It stands out a mile. If it looks like an amateur job, it will reflect on the credibility of your business.


Well, now that Sprout’s post took it to where my initial reaction also went…

This is tantamount to “I’m a plumber by trade, looking to do some of my own dental work. (Can you dentists advise me as to which tools would be easiest for me to use?)”

That’s not “design” work. That’s a novel, perhaps amusing, but ultimately tacky, and somewhat self-indulgent notion. Forgive me for assuming the composition will also include the requisite unoriginal cliché about “a hit” or a “home run”.

A seasoned and competent designer would advise against all that. Clientele who already know you may have a momentary chuckle. Prospective clients might either: a) not get it, failing to recognize it’s (supposed to be) you, or b) recognize you and find it unbecoming or unprofessional.

I don’t mean to come off unfriendly about it, but in “design work” every idea should be challenged as a matter of due diligence. When an idea is pursued in the absence of opposing view, the pursuit is given blindly, and that never results in effective design. So for your own good, don’t pursue your idea blindly, and remember, your marketing is for your market, not for you. Good luck.

As a designer and marketer, and if you were my client, I’d talk you out of this. First of all, MLB is rabid about their copyrights so no using any professional teams. If you don’t have the skill to do it correctly, it’s going to look fake. I wouldn’t buy a house from some fake looking realtor. It’s Halloween, rent or buy-then-return a baseball player costume and do it that way. You’ll also have a lot more pics to choose from depending on what you want to use them for.

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