Ogilvy Rebranding

On June 5, 2018, Ogilvy announced the agency’s re-founding and new mission to serve as an integrated creative network that Makes Brands Matter. The announcement included a new organizational design and new brand identity.

Over the course of the past 18 months, COLLINS, the independent brand experience design company, played an integral role not only in reimagining Ogilvy’s identity and design system, but also in helping to redefine the new Ogilvy brand direction.

COLLINS worked with Ogilvy to turn its celebrated, global heritage and formidable offerings into a simple, client-first value proposition through an extensive, collaborative strategy process. The project included everything from re-designing Ogilvy.com and overhauling the visual identity, to redefining the company’s core values and reimagining how Ogilvy defines the totality of its work.

The COLLINS-Ogilvy partnership is particularly unique because COLLINS Founder & CCO Brian Collins spent a decade at Ogilvy as CCO of the Ogilvy design and brand experience division prior to founding COLLINS in 2008. He felt firsthand the creative drive that ignites the whole company. As a result, the COLLINS team has a deep understanding and appreciation for the Ogilvy brand and its experience, which is apparent in the new visual identity.

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So wait…
Ogilvy, a brand exposure company, hires a former employee who left to found his own brand exposure company, to redo their re-branding?
You can’t make this stuff up.


Well, you know, designing your own logo is the hardest.


Sometimes, it’s difficult to be objective about those things you’re right in the middle of. Hiring a talented former associate who understands the situation but who’s become far enough removed to see the entire forest instead of just the trees in the immediate vicinity could be a good decision.


As a designer you can say that because you know that.
The optics may be a leetle bit different client-side. LOL.

That’s true. I suspect they don’t mention that detail to potential clients. :grinning:

Someone is bragging about it. :slight_smile:

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