Oh God! What have I done

Added this project (adding graphics to video) before completing 50 other projects (computer and non-computer related… don’t ya hate DIY guys? lol.
Using an old Android Samsung 10.1 inch tablet with LetsView to cast into OBS Studio on my PC. I’m doing the graphics (lines and arrows, hand drawn on the tablet) to show where people should position themselves in my favorite sport, Pickleball! (Yeah, I know. I never heard of it either until a few years ago.)
So… I’m going crazy drawing on the greenscreen on the tablet and having to guess where I’m placing the stylus.
Please direct me to a topic (Or should I start one?) to discuss how to deal with this.
Thanks so much!

By the way, I thought about going to Staples and having a transparency of a screenshot of the Pickleball court printed out, then lay that on the tablet to draw on? Would that even work? I wouldn’t know what size to print the image out.
Thanks again!

I don’t quite understand what you’re doing or why you’re attempting it in such a seemingly jerry-rigged way. However, it sounds like something that could easily be done in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, or almost any video editing software that uses layers and has rudimentary drawing tools. Or is this something you need to do while livecasting? I’m not really a motion graphics guy, though.

Are you trying to do what weathermen on TV do when interacting with a green screen set?
A lot of times that involves a monitor so you can see where and what you are pointing at. You just have to reverse it.

But if the pickleball thing is all that is on the monitor…why aren’t you just live feeding your tablet layout just like any artist that livestreams while realtime creating their artwork. Seems very convoluted, what you’re doing.