Opinions on PDF Portfolio

Hi all, I decided to look for a new job and wanted to refresh my portfolio. After spending time and effort on putting together a website I decided to go for a simple PDF, where I have more control and can do things more quickly: http://tinyurl.com/giuseppe-cacciatore

I know the document is very long, although the plan is to separate the various sections into individual documents and make them more personalised, based on the job I apply for.

What do you guys think of it in general? What would you change/improve?

I think you have some nice work to show, bu there’s just too much there or too much going on . . . to the point that the good work is getting lost. I’d look to simplify, trim, and make it more reader friendly.

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Link not found?

Sorry I’ve been making some changes and lost that link – here you can find the latest one: giuseppecacciatore.co.uk

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