Opinions on this logo?

I’m unsure if the logo is too drab…
Give opinions please

Also please forgive the kerning

The kerning is a big part of the overall problem.
Work on it some more and post back.

Some background information would be helpful. What does the company do? Who is the target market? How will the logo be used?

I don’t get it.

What are the missing pieces about? Why is there a register mark when it’s not a registered trademark? What is this logotype for? Why are you doing it. There’s no context.

Aside from that, the bottom stroke on the L is too long, and the horizontal strokes on the E are too thin and too long.

Judging by your username I’m gonna guess this is a personal logo, and if that’s the case keeping it simple, like you have, is a good idea. Too often I see people over design they’re personal brands and they always look terrible. The best logo’s for graphic designers are ones that take a back seat and let the work shine (Pentagram and Sagmeister and Walsh are two really good examples).

I think that the last logo looks the most promising. That being said you have a few issues here:

  • The bottom corner of the “A” needs to be cleaned up
  • A lot of people around here hate that little “R” in a circle and for pretty good reason. I understand the allure though, putting a registration mark on the logo can make it seem more professional. However it is gimmicky and should be avoided.
  • kearning is a issue
  • Proportionally the “W” and the “A” look pretty good but the other two letters need some help (Particularly the “E”)

Be sure to post the final and let us know if it is a personal logo

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