Paranormal Moderator Returns!

Hey all - looks like you had to do some house cleaning and I’m starting anew. You’ll be seeing me lurking around the Prepress area again, maybe the Illustrator area.
Good to see old faces and can’t believe how many new faces.
What a night for the Prepress Grandpa to make a return.


Hi Rick!


Hiya Rick!!! Welcome Back!!! :slight_smile:

Hows life treatin’ ya?

and yes … we didn’t just clean house … we packed up and moved :smiley: LOL

The old forum is no more due to the corporate owners decision. They closed the doors and iraszl (Ivan) saved us. We couldn’t move any content … but I saved a few gems for us. I’ve posted them here and there.

But we are now our own entity :wink:

So glad to see you back! :heart:

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Hey PD. Mr Wisdom!

Hey Red! Darn happy to see you’re still you! Life is good, gettin older, still prepressing folding cartons, camping out inside on the day that ghosts and spirits have free roam of our plane. More paranormal stories and experiences to share when I get time.

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Good to hear Rick! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to partake in more stories. I always enjoyed them :heart:

Hey Rick, good to see you.

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Hey Kool - you look as young as ever!
I have to try to locate my old Georger Carlin pic for my ID!

I’ve been living in the pre-press after for the last few months until i find a new place.
Just please knock before coming in. I get so few visitors iIve somewhat let myself go.

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Welcome, Rick!

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I remember that Avatar :smiley:

That’s the one Red! I can’t find it anywhere.:confused:

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Howdy, Rick. I just joined back up myself. Glad to see you around again.


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