Parsimony - Brand Identity

Hello everyone, I apologize for the inactivity in this forum, I’ll make sure I stay more active from now on.

This is a brand identity project for a clothing brand, and I’d love to hear about your thoughts and critiques. I’ll make sure I reply to everyone!

Parsimony - Brand Identity

Thanks a lot!

Parsimony - Logo Animation

First off, you really need to give a little more context.

I had a look at the Behance link. However, that didn’t help and simply compounded my initial reaction.

To be honest, there is a real disconnect with he name and the apparent brand message. The brand appears to be aimed at the usual market – having people spend too much money for clothes that are cheaply made in the far east. It is purporting to be high-end and sophisticated. Yet the name implies frugality, and desire to not spend money. Surely that name would be more suited to a brand that hawked environmentally-sound, lower-budget, higher-quality garments built to last. All feels wrong to me.

The other thing that grates is the animated logo. Over-complicated. Unnecessary. Looks to me as though you have done it because you can. What does it add? If you are going for classy, understated, this is neither.

It is polished and clean, but, as I say, feels unrelated to the products and demographic it appears to be aimed at and actually looks like a hundred others.

It looks to me as though you have concentrated on producing a sleek brand style guide and missed the point of what a brand is about. Mixed messages here, I’m afraid.

Authentic, Premium Style? Parsimony?!!

Also; the logo reads Parsimtony.

Sorry, probably not what you want to hear. As I say, it has a level of polish, but that is not enough. This is a perfect example of something I keep banging on about. Design as pretty and not as communication.


Thanks a lot for your time to reply to this! I appreciate it.

About the name and the direction. I had that exact conversation with the client before we begin the project. I had several questions for him about the relationship with the name and the direction that he wanted to take but apparently that’s what he had in mind in first place. Like a bit of contradiction between both.

Some clients just want their concept been put into visuals without any “corrections” and that’s what I did. Maybe it can work out and maybe not.

My part was to deliver a nice and well presented elegant feel to the brand despite the name. Also, he’s going to switch the apparel products to more expensive and elegant style later, that’s his plan.

A lot of issues for reproduction especially in screen printing.

You know how difficult it is to print the ® on clothing brands during a screen print process - and some of your details are below even this size.

Can’t even pause the video to see the details.

Why did you do a video?

So many things wrong with this it will cost a client a fortune in production or having to have the logo properly prepared for print and other media.

Video? What video?

I think there are some issues with this.

Is the name of the company Parsimony or Parsimonious?

The logotype could read as Parsimtony, Parsimsony, Parsimboy or Parsimbony.

While I’m all for branding programs that consist of an array of assets, I’m not sure these are holding together.

I can’t speak to the appropriateness of the logo. I’m not in the target market, I’m not sure who this would be competing against, and I don’t know how well it would resonate with the consumer.

Is this a real project or fictitious project? You mention having a conversation with the client, but it doesn’t appear to be a real project.

I think this could be a case of a slick presentation masking some real-world problems. Sorry.

Yes it is a real project.

I had some doubts about the logotype but we were falling short in time so I had to wrap up the project before the launch.

I hope somehow, graphic design can solve the real world problems one day lol.

Clearly a video or gif or something you posted. It has a play button. Why not just post the logo as an image?

Wouldn’t go that far

It’s just a gif of a logo animation, What’s wrong/pointless about a simple animation for the logo?

The animation is very nice, but is the animation part of the logo, or is it just a demonstration of what’s possible with the logo? The animation might be a gratuitous distraction from the logo when interacting with a group of fellow designers here on this forum, but that same animation could seal the deal with a client who’s wowed by it.

Setting aside the nice animation and my initial positive response to the logo (it’s nice-looking), there seem to be some practical problems — I have trouble reading what it says.

You indicated the name being Parsimony, yet when I read the script, to me, it spells out ParsimTony. The big T-like loop between the m and the o creates a nicely balanced composition, but it makes the word unreadable.

The tiny red type at the end of the animation is another problem — I literally cannot read a single word of it. The red on black is part of the legibility problem, but the size of the type would be problematic no matter what.

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It’s pointless

Thanks a lot for your reply on this, and apparently this is the only constructive criticism that actually comes from an experienced person in this thread.

Yeah, I had some troubles with the logotype, and I’m glad you mentioned the composition of it because that’s what I went for over the practical part.

Thanks a lot for the feedback! I have another project that I’ll post here soon so I hope I can have your thoughts on it as well!

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I’ll make sure I do a logo animation for every logo I create from now on even if it doesn’t require so just for the sake of your eyes lol

Just-B’s advice is always good and you’d be wise to heed it. However, you do a huge disservice (not to mention the risk of insult) to the other people who bothered to take the time to answer you.

Everyone who responded were professionals, with many years’ combined experience across various areas. Just because the advice given to you was not positive and glowing, does not mean it was not constructive and useful, if you choose to listen.

Quite frankly, that they, including myself, did bother means that we saw something worth critiquing. I, for one, rarely bother when I see someone who evidently has no idea what they are doing and there’s little point trying. The comments made to you were objective about the work, not personal. If you are going to put something up for evaluation in this way, you need to develop a thick skin and not take it personally.

If you want [free] help from busy professionals, a little humility and respect goes a long way.


Very mature. You came here for help. How can we help you if you don’t listen?
I explained to you already why the video doesn’t work for critique.

Here’s my honest opinion of the logo - brace yourself it’s gonna hurt.

It’s crap, it doesn’t work - as others have said it’s partially illegible. So on that note - scrap it and start again.

AND for all the reasons I mentioned earlier - SEE my earlier post which was very helpful and I have worked in this industry for 25 years. I see mistakes like yours every single day.

You seem to have skipped over the parts of critique that will actually help you - instead you focus on the critique of the shitty animation job you did.

Even still, you dismiss this critique then claim that you’ll make all your logo animations just to annoy me? What is that?

Take the critique - the animations do not work for this audience. Listen!

Yes, your animation is not good.

An honest critique of the animation - it’s boring, tired, runs too fast, can’t read any of what it says, it’s a struggle, painful and unnecessary for the audience you intended it for, which is this community.

And you weren’t looking for critique on the animation - just the logo - so why even bother with an animation… it is pointless.

If you think coming to a forum is going to get you glowing reviews and pats on the back - think again - you’re posting them because you want to improve. Or else you wouldn’t post at all.

If you want to improve - then listen.
Or don’t, it’s your choice.

Thank you, but I disagree. I shared some of my thoughts with you, just like the others. I might have approached it in a way that made you more receptive to what I had to say, but you got good feedback from everyone. The quality of your work deserved solid, unvarnished opinions from the four very experienced professional designers who responded.

Your profile says you’re 19 years old. You have lots of talent (I looked at your Behance portfolio), but at 19, that talent hasn’t yet been sufficiently tempered by experience. You might not agree with people’s opinions and you might be right. You might also take issue with the delivery, but any honest feedback from those taking the time to share their opinions is valuable, so don’t mistake any of it as unconstructive.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to what else you might post.

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I’m not .

At 19, needs to grow up fast and take the attitude and turn it around.

I’ve not seen any improvements to any work this person has posted, albeit a lot were posts directly linked to Behance, so can only assume they want to drive up viewership for their Behance page


If this person takes the critique seriously and works in their designs to really improve then great.

But all they seem to want is a hearty well done, good job. And that cannot be further from reality.

Time to grow up and cut the shit.

I appreciate your reply a lot, and that’s what I’m here for actually. I’m a listener and I know how I can learn from others, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see what’s bs and what’s not. I’m sorry if you didn’t make a good career but that doesn’t mean you need to act tough in your replies to give off a bit of that anger and sadness.

Thanks again for your reply!

You sound like a 40 years old who never made it. I can’t hear a “constructive” criticism from someone who built nothing.

Your reply had no value in it whatsoever. B’s thoughts were genuine and had some marks that I noted. I thanks them for that! However yours… uhh, maybe it revealed a lot about you but it’s okay don’t look at my other projects that I’m gonna post here, for your ego’s goodness.

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