Perfect Star

Hey Everyone - picking up from an old post here. Still on the struggle bus for creating some “perfect star” shapes. Where I’m getting stuck is the creation of the initial shapes to rotate.

Here’s a pretty low res image of something Aaron Draplin made. Trying to recreate this.

The “L” shaped components around the star look roughly the same size. You should be able to trace a single piece with the pen tool (AI) and use that to replicate the remainder.

If it doesn’t create a perfect star on its own, you could drop a star in the center using the shape tool, and then use the pathfinder to cut the star from the outside shapes. Then adjust or tweak the ankor points as needed

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Trace one pair, copy-rotate 72° from the center of the star (find that using guides.)

The Star tool in Illustrator doesn’t make that kind of star. Irksome sometimes.


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