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Hi everyone!

I’ve recently become interested in using geometry and simple shapes to build logos and marks. I’ve stumbled across some geometric star designs and am having a tough time emulating them.

I’ve been able to build the basic shapes with the pathfinder and shape tools. Where I’m having issues is replicating the basic shapes around the outside of the star. I’ve tried the rotate tool, and aligning by eye in wireframe mode. Still not quite hitting the mark. The trouble for me is getting everything to align perfectly.

Does anyone know of any tutorials (i’ve not been able to find any) that could help me build one of these? Have you built one, and can you share your process?

I’m specifically interested on the image in the bottom middle of the attached image. THANKS!

I recently posted on something “similar” here on GDF

Once again, the under-appreciated appearance palette is your friend.


On the left is my reproduction of the star shape, on the right is the outline view. Thats right, its only actually “one piece” of the design.

I did a quick redraw of the piece and then by clicking the small “fx” button In the appearance palette and choosing Distort & Transform/Transform I was able to make adjustments.


The shape, now has a transformation applied that can be turned on and off, and clicked on to readjust the transformation as needed.

IN this case, the following transformation is applied to recreate the affect.


Before printing though, I would encourage you to use Object/Expand Appearance to convert the transformed shape into five final individual pieces.

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Excellent explanation! I knew it had to be something simple.

So, essentially, you are creating the initial shape and using the transform control in the appearance panel to rotate the shape?

Yes. In the appearance panel you can have multiple fills and strokes and “affects” as well. Like anything, you don’t want to go to crazy with it usually, but the beauty is that its “non-destructive” and non-permanent.

You can tweak the original shape which would of course update the copied shapes as well. Or you can tweak the rotation, number of copies, etc.

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I can’t thank you enough for helping me figure this out. I was about to go nuts. Here’s what I made.

Now I’m going to ask for your help again. So all of the designs in the original image I shared are just a repetition of similar shapes. How is this designer creating an initial shape that fits to the form of the star (if that makes sense). Or, how is he making shapes that fit that angle of the star. I can eyeball it, but i’d prefer the shapes to be precise.

I did something similar recently and I struggled with the precise positioning around the centre, because the single element is offset from the centre. I got around this by drawing a circle around the centre and then rotating (in this case 72º) the single element with the circle together. The circles can be deleted when you have completed the figure.

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I’ll have to try that as well. Do you have any idea what stars like this are called?

Hmmm. I’d call it a “perfect star”, but that might be too vague. There may be a better name for it or a “scientific” name. Either way, to draw one, hold down option (or alt) and shift while using the star tool in Illustrator.

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