Personnal Logo + other logo

Hello everyone, I would like some feedback on current logos I’m working on.

The first one, I want to build my personal logo for my business card that i want to print this week.

It’s very basic, but I would like to build something around the S:

and I don’t really know were to go… Any advice?

The second logo, is for me and a friend. We’re building a website to acquire some experience.

And I had also this P for pop.

What do you guys think? :slight_smile:


Don’t set a deadline for printing the business cards until your logo is done.

I like the Simon style. I’d leave the dot and put another one just like it above the i. Assuming the name is Simon, that’s how I read it.

Also, I think two logos in one discussion is too much. :wink:

Thank you @DocPixel!
Well, i’m gonna print a first batch and I’ll see later. I just want to go for some networking actually!

And I didn’t know, I wanted to put both in one. But I wouldn’t think it would confuse people that much since the logos are somehow related.

I like it :pray:

It’s not about us being confused, believe me. To me, it’s more about respecting our time by not asking for a lot of help with multiple projects all at once. :wink:

Hey, i’m just asking for some feedback and you are obviously totally free to comment or not.
I didn’t see written anywhere that posting 2 logos in 1 topic was disrespectful, wrong or abusive.

Now it’s my first post in this category, for the next time I will be more careful to present better 1 project I guess. But there’s no need to bring up the respect excuse when there’s no reason. :wink:

@carmenalonso, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: Which logo do you prefer?

i liked your logo designs.

first logo :slightly_smiling_face:

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