Photoshop won't edit images containing currency

Here’s a new one. I downloaded a perfectly legal image from a stock photo agency of currency scattered in a pile for use in a brochure about college tuition options. When I open it in Photoshop CC I get the following.


Geeech! With each passing week, I’m disliking Adobe and its software more and more.

Luckily, I still have CS6 loaded on my computer, and it works just fine.

May be this is on latest version. I am just wondering, this will not work only for USD or all country currency? And how will this determine if the image is banknote image?

Interesting…I got the same thing as well .Ironically I hijacked a Trump knock off of a 20USD and got the same error. I was however able to throw them into lightroom and export the file then reopen it in PS

Long standing issue that has some well known work arounds…

get a similar message on some photocopiers … or so I hear

Now that you guys have mentioned it, I vaguely remember reading something about this sometime within the past three or four years.

I wonder if this was mandated by some kind of government regulation. I can’t really see Adobe and copy machine manufacturers deciding to do it on their own since there would be little motivation for them to do so. Besides, they would know as well as anyone else, that it’s just not difficult to get around this kind of thing.

This might inhibit casual copying by amateurs feeding copied currency into change machines, which might be all it’s intended to do. For anyone else — including any modestly competent graphic designer — getting around these safeguards wouldn’t exactly be a major challenge.

I’ve had that happen too.

I heard that they perfected the colour copyer in the 70s but could not release it because people were just photocopying money. They had to wait till the notes changed with updated security features before they could roll out the colour photocopyers.

Adobe has been doing stuff like this for a long time. Even back to CS6, if you processed video in photoshop it would upload the video to adobe servers in the background as it’s processing.

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Don’t color copiers throw a code if you try to copy money and basically stop working until you get a tech to unlock it? I had a boss (graphic designer) once who’s kid did time for using her equipment to counterfeit.

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Hmmm… I wonder if my scanner works. It’s no longer using an OEM driver and is not connected to Photoslop in any way. Not that I need to scan money for any particular nefarious reason. I just dislike people telling me I can’t. :slight_smile:

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