Pizza flyer design

Hi folks :slight_smile:

Would be really glad if some one point me some resources, videos, breakdowns of good flyer and average (not too fancy/too stylish) product stickers (some laundry detergent, food and so on).
Something like CHLOROX bottle logo, and so on.

Currently i know some basic principle of composition, color theory, and so on, and continue to search some material about this topics and practicing, but its still a big problem to approach good enougth designs and make it fast.
I know about google :wink: Already use it a lot, but im sure i can missed some hidden gems. Maybe some youtube channels with nice tips&tricks.

So, i dont need to became a local star of design, just want to became some one who can solve that kind of tasks.

My current result:

I assume you own the pizza company? If so, do use professionally made boxes, rather than cut the cardboard out yourself, because it is business-critical? Do you use commercial ovens because they are business-critical? Mopeds? Cash registers? Shop counter displays? Etc, etc.

I am constantly surprised by how often people invest, not insignificant amounts, of money into a business and then entrust the one thing that will most likely be the biggest decision-making factor in a customer’s choice to purchase their product over a competitor’s, to their own self-admittedly lacking design skills.

You need to make flyers communicate why they need to in order for people buy your pizza and not, dominos, pizza-hut, et al.

Admittedly, what you have done is not the worst I have seen, but it is not just about making something quick and easy. Yours is a bit generic, cliché and local shop-looking. You need it to communicate why people should choose you over your competitors.

You can do a lot of damage if you get it wrong. Even your own comments highlight a potential pitfall. If, for example, you made a ‘simple logo’ like Chlorex and it was subconsciously a bit too reminiscent of it and people made subconscious associations with bleach, then you may find sales taking a significant nose-dive and you’ll have no idea why, because you watched a YouTube video on how to make business-critical communication decisions without any real knowledge.

It is not about making pretty images, it is about, tone of voice, message, communication and targeting that message to the specific people you want to talk to.

Of course a knowledge of how to use Google to find free software to make a cheap flyer is not difficult, but how much do you value your business?

So my advice on how to do it? Find someone who knows what they are doing to help and you spend the time you would have spent doing it yourself, doing what you do best and run your business. That way you’ve spent doing time what you are good at, earning the money to pay for a designer. In turn, this will reap more returns in the long run, because you will have something that actually works for you to grow your business. Win-win.

As a caveat, make sure you hire a properly qualified and experienced designer who knows what they are doing and not some cheap amateur wannabe on crowd-sourcing website, otherwise you might as well have done it yourself. Ask other local businesses who have professional looking brand-identities and collateral who they got to do theirs.

People often, mistakenly, think that branding is for large organisations and is going to cost the Earth. A good designer will tailor the product to the brief and budget (within reason).

Personally, I prefer working on small-scale branding projects these days. I have worked on branding for multi-nationals in the past and yes, the money is better, but to work with startups or small business that want to grow to the next level is far more satisfying, when you see the results.

Of course, it is not going to be as cheap as doing it yourself and will require a certain level of investment, but isn’t that the point of business; invest wisely in business-critical overheads that pay dividends in return, so you make a healthy ROI. Otherwise, your pizzas may just fall out the bottom of soggy, home-made boxes before they ever reach your customer.

As I say, what you have is OK, but it wouldn’t make me choose you over an existing competitor. It doesn’t tell my why you are better, or different, or unique.

Not the advice you wanted to hear, I’m sure, but that’s my take. Hope it helps.

Wow! :slight_smile: Okay, i wasnt expecting that much :sweat_smile:
I read forum rules before make a post. Hope im not wrong but they look more like an advice rather than strict rules. Also see a lot of posts where people doesnt tell about design, for what it for and so on.
So I didnt provide additional info on purpose. I was really want to avoid anything like:
“Pff just download some design, nobody cares” or “Dude listen, listen,… nobody will care about you logo design or flyer, you overcomplicate things!”.
And im like those cops from movies who working alone, so no-no for “Just find a partner for this Kind of tasks”.
I have my point of view and will not change it.

Yes, hiring a guy who professionally making logo and graphic design are cool, but again - im working alone, and, speaking of pizza company btw.
You pizza cafe kitchen should be clean and comply with the rules prescribed by law.
If you make you kitchen so clean so doctor can do a brain surgery in there its okay, but its unnecessary. There should be some balance between “You make everything right” and “You make it too good and it doesnt provide you (and anyone) a benefit”.
I just want to make my “kitchen” clean.

I dont own pizza company. Dont make logo designs for sale (as a final product, at least). Dont make designs for friends and so on :slight_smile:
I make video game assets. Guns, vehicle, chairs, road cone, all that stuff you can see in video games. And a lot of this stuff should have some logos and all that jazz. And im targeting photorealistic visuals, so, my pizza box should have print on top, and somewhere in the room you should find those flyer cause its help to make a “connection”, a “glue” between virtual things in virtual world. Its makes it more believable.

Would stock imagery work for you in the realm of video game assets?
You would probably have to pay for an extended license for game use, or discuss licensing with the asset provider.
Here’s a screencap from Adobe stock:

You can do the same with templates for flyers.

Just beware of free ones
And be Very Very sure of the licensing.
When in doubt, use the contact info and ask directly.
If there is no contact info, look elsewhere.