Playing around with a new blog design

I’ve been having some fun working on a blog design. My original idea was to make something that felt “over dramatic” (given the not-particularly serious nature of my blog) but I feel as if it veered in a bit of a lighthearted direction (maybe the yellow’s fault).

I’m not really trying to achieve a particular goal or anything, it’s a personal site that I like doing silly things with after all, but if you’ve got any wacky ideas or thoughts on what I’ve made I’d be interested to hear them :).

I made a codepen with the design applied to a recent blog post of mine: (Not mobile friendly, take a look on a nice big screen)

I like it. It’s difficult to explain, But the design brings to mind a particular geographical region. I think “Swiss” or perhaps even Holland. I can’t say why this comes to mind, but thinking of that, then creates a feeling of relaxation and peace.

A weird critic, I know. But I like the feeling I get when I look at it. I guess that’s a design well done.

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