Please critique my logo design for a brand GOYA

GOYA is a goat yoga studio where individuals can do yoga with small cute goats. The owner of the company is leslie and the purpose of the company is To build strength and awareness in both body and mind through the unique experience of practicing yoga with goats.
Goya’s brand identity revolves around fun, relaxation, and wellness. The studio promotes a holistic approach to fitness, combining physical exercise with mental well-being in a unique and enjoyable setting. goya yoga studio’s main core values are wellness, fun and eco friendly.

Here the concept I applied is the cuteness of small goats to represent the fun and relaxed side of the studio as well the round and soft shapes in the logo to create the feeling of cohesiveness, I have also included the moustache in the G to show some character, I included small case letters to represent the feeling of comfort and relaxation.
The typeface I used is the Baskerville to create contrast and color palette I have chosen is being stolen from somewhere I am weak at choosing colors but the colors also represent sense of joy and classic feature of the company.
I am a beginner in the design field this is a practice logo from fake brief, Please review my work I really want to improve my design and feel free to give your honest thought on the work
Thank you for your time.

smells like strawberry yogurt :blush:


Yoga with goats is about the furthest thing from my mind when I see “goya”

google apparently agrees.

I thought this was going to be one of those student remakes of an established logo (Goya)
Since most designers don’t have a say in the company name, you just have to go with it.
I’m not sure doing yoga with baby goats around would be very safe for the clientele, LOL. Unless it’s Chair Yoga. Baby goats are very…random…when underfoot.

This looks like the color scheme of an ice cream parlor, not a yoga studio. Do some research.

Beard on goat + beard on G = redundant.

White text on light pink is very hard to read (Think contrast)

Yoga + Fun doesn’t = Goya.
Goats + Yoga does = Goya. Sort of.

The center small logo, the GY one with the dark signboard, that one is baffling because the GY doesn’t match the name Goya. It might match into “the goat yoga studio” so which is the name of the place again? Don’t do both.

Same logo, you have the word “studio” in there twice.

If that is a brand standard with color callouts, you need more than just the hex numbers. If you want print collateral, you are going to need a standardized system like Pantone (or whatever is used locally in your location.) Hex colors look different on every monitor and there is no print standard for them.


Thank you so much you paid attention to details of my work, it is a fake brief from a brief account on instagram, yoga with the goats is called goga and right now it is also trending, goya is the name of the studio, I was also shocked when I read goat yoga but I just researched and tried to make a logo for fake brand for my practice.

I will surely work on the color scheme and my knowledge on colors, and the point you mentioned beard on G I will remove that.
I am very thankful that you paid such attention on my submark logos it is my first time making submarks

can you please tell me if the overall concept is good and appealing or it is too much cliche?
about the color hex code I see everyone using hex codes to present the logo and color schemes but i will surely research on it.

Thank you for your feedback I will change the color scheme for surely so it looks like a yoga studio

Hey Priya, can you tell me what account you got it from? I love fake briefs for practice, I used to use a website but it was never much creative, this account surely sounds like it is lol

Hii jojobs, this brief is from a page of instagram which is thebriefdiary, the brief is given and anyone who wants to submit the design can post the design on hastage they give and the fun thing is they also make it like a contest, the two winners are being chosen on the basis of judges and other on the basis of people choice. Its definitely worth giving a try.

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Fake briefs are one thing to help you learn – thounpgh universities do that pretty well already – but briefs in the form of competitions, should be avoided at all cost.