Please critique my logo


This is the first logo that I seriously made. I can only do a text-type logo at the moment. I want to know what people think about it. I created this logo for my Pinterest account that focusing on learning Japanese.
Please tell me what you guys think and are there any tips on what should I do to improving?

Thank you!

How does it look in 100k?

I’m sorry I don’t quite understand, what do you mean?

If you have black (or whatever) as your only colour availability, how will this logo look?

Ah! I see… If black (or whatever the color is) is my only color availability the word 日本 and 語 will end up like this.

… and you don’t think it needs improved upon as a logo?

I do think it needs to be improved, but right now I can only do that much. May I know what you think I should do to improve it? I’m planning to come back again after I edited it.

Thank you for enlighting me about the color, much appreciated!

Slapping one element on top of another element is never a good idea without a solid, waterproof reason.

“Let’s Learn Japanese” presumably is the main sell point, so play that up.

I do not know what NIHONGOJUNKIE means other than you’re using that as your forum name. Can use some explanation.

And this is just my 2 cents. If your target audience are people who wish to learn Japanese, your current logo is relying heavily on Kanji characters which the target would not be able to read or understand.

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