Please critique my portfolio. I do web design, illustration, animation, graphic design, video editing, motion design

This is my portfolio site:

I do web design, illustration, animation, graphic design, video editing, motion design. I coded it as well.

Please let me know what you think of it.

Thanks ahead,


Are you looking for a critique on the work in your portfolio or the portfolio site itself? TBH, I had a hard time getting past the portfolio site design to review your work.

The site design is a little chaotic and a little 1993 IMHO. I can’t tell if you’re a designer or a production operator? A retoucher? An illustrator? Comic book artist?

Couple of questions:
Why no CV/resume?
Why include “testimonials” without context? Who is “Melissa” and “Shaun” and what did you do for them?
What client commissioned the illustrations? For what publication/media? If these drawing are personal work, I would remove them entirely. Ditto regarding the animation excerpts. Who/what were they for?

If you are selling web design services, I would strongly suggest you put more time and attention into your own web site design. First impressions and all that.

Hiya PanToshi,

Thanks for the response :smiley:

The critique would be both on the work and the site.

I’m a designer, animator, illustrator, retoucher, motion designer… - all of the above :smiley: Everything on my site I created. I guess based on that inquiry, I should put a little blurb at the top that this is my site and I do all of this myself. Thanks for the idea!

1993 :smiley: What suggests that? (aside from the screenshots of the web sites which are non-responsive) ;D

I could add a CV/resume for full-time work I guess. I didn’t think to put that before.

Good idea on the testimonials- I will put down the type of work done for them.

The illustrations on the site, one is for a client, 3 are my own… The reason I feel they should stay is so that if someone is looking for an illustrator, than I am showing them what style I offer. What would be your reasoning to remove it?

As far as the animation goes, I put small notes as to what they were from, but I guess I can put more details.

Thanks for the critique, I appreciate your input :smiley:


The blue underlined links gives the website a very dated look.
Capital serifs in the header. Sans serif in the body. Choose a font (family) and stick to it.

I’m not fond of the text and lines over the Personal Care Kit. The way you have over-explained the project makes this look like it was for a school project. Instead, I would space the products evenly in the banner and the description should be about the project, not about the process.

…the flower in the front was masked out of a photo found on Google images.

Are you using copyrighted images in your portfolio?

What make the site look 1993 to me? Hmm, the layout, the font choice, the color choice, the lack of interactivity (not just the lack of responsiveness), for example, your email link, doesn’t link to … well email.

As far as your comic book illustrations go, perhaps if you said something about them it would provide a little context to why they deserve a place in your portfolio.

Are CV’s only included when seeking full-time work where you are? Here in the US, potential clients are interested in your past work experience, be it full-time or freelance. Your mileage may vary.

Hi Buda,

Thanks for the reply!

Oh yeah, blue underlined links… I guess you’re right, it is the way links are. I guess I sort of liked that for my own page. Ironically, for the responsive version, I made them without underlines and as clickable block buttons.

In regards to mixed fonts, I thought it was OK to mix 2 families up to 3 max. When I go through google fonts, they also display font combinations too.

Thanks for the advice on the personal care kit.

The flower is from Google, a free for commercial use / cc0 image.



Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for being a lifesaver on my email code. I just realized it was linking to and not mailto:

What fun interactive things would you like to see on the page?

Thanks for the idea on the illustrations.

Ah, I’m originally from NY and now in Florida. I had been employed for about 10 years full-time as a graphic designer, so I am definitely out of the portfolio creation game. This is my most recent attempt at it.

In regards to the CV, I will have to put that :smiley: Thanks for the idea!


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