Please critique my work (Logos/banners)

I am getting back into graphic design again and I would appreciate some feedback.
the link is on ******* but they won’t let me link it for some reason so go on their website and after ******* Please and thank you and if you are looking for any work done please hit me up.

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Hi DZDesigns :slight_smile:

Welcome Aboard!!! :wave:

I see this is the first time you have posted. Feel free to ramble around the forum and be sure to check out our Forum Rules & FAQ

If you have questions, feel free to ask. We are all here to help :slight_smile:

I’m allowing your post although I’ve edited out the where your portfolio is. We do not condone any crowd-sourcing sites and that’s a big one. So, no we won’t be giving them any traffic and we also won’t be hitting you up. This is a forum full of professional designers. So, we are pretty much good in that department :wink: Feel free to have a look through our classifieds if you are looking for more.

If you have a specific piece you would like critiqued, you may upload an image to our Crit Pit.


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Welcome to the forum. ^^^^ what she said.

Welcome to this platform. If you have anything to ask about graphic design, please let us know how we can help you.

Best of luck

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