Please critique my Zero Waste logos

Hello lovely people taking time out of their day to look at my post! I am seeking feedback on these logos for a working group that is setting up education programs about zero waste, and making recycling hard to recycle items accessible to a small island in the GBR. Their main focus is educating people about zero waste, encouraging people to use recycling programs outside of regular recycling, and reducing the amount of rubbish sent to landfill.

There will also be a zero waste shop opening in conjunction with the working group. They will be selling items that encourage and promote the zero waste lifestyle.


Okay, somebody has to rip the bandaid off. The icon is . . . how can I say this . . . feminine? I asked my wife to look at it to make sure I wasn’t just being a dirty old man, and she saw it too. I think you need to come up with a few more concepts. Sorry.

I did not see what Steve saw until I read his post. Even then, to me anyway, it’s not something with a strong resemblance. Then again, if others see the same thing, it’s a deal-killer of a problem.

The problem I noticed first, were the thin lines in the type. Despite the type looking great at display sizes, those little lines will fill in in a very unsightly way at smaller sizes. It’s already starting to happen on the relatively large type beneath the top logo.

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Hi Just-B,
I did have one other person say they saw the same thing, but wasn’t sure if it was a one off, but now two people have seen it I’m trying to look at other options and going back to my sketches and alternatives. The type is supposed to be a sustainable eco font that uses less ink so I thought it would fit the brand, but I agree the lines will be lost. I may just use a light or thin font. I can update after I’ve made some changes.

If this logo is going on signage, you may want to rethink any kind of delicate lettering.
While you might save on ink, you will save on even more if the logo can’t be produced as a sign even in simple sign vinyl. At display sizes, you might get those filaments to cut in vinyl. You won’t get them out of anything dimensional. Embroidery for caps, shirts, etc might also be an issue. With silk screening, you would be at the mercy of the mesh “resolution.”
Think beyond the print and the monitor. How many other ways is the logo used?

Honestly, I doubt anyone will make a connection between those letters using less ink and being eco-friendly because of it.

Gonna have to agree with the rest here, immediately reminded me of Judy Chicago’s “Dinner Party”. She was trying to resemble a vagina there, so it might give you some elements to avoid.

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