Please help me to change the car color

For the last 3, days I am trying hard to change the car color to this #e3bbb2 color. But I can’t change it perfectly. It looks impossible to change to this specific color to me. Please help me to change the color.

Thanks .

Well, this is odd. Here’s a great video on changing colors . . . and it uses the exact same image you have. What’s up with that?

Thank you for your response. As you can see I used the same image. I tried that video and I was able to match most of the targeted color but when I tried to change #4a305d color to #e3bbb2 color it does not work. I tried other techniques too but it’s not working.

It’s possible. You just need to remember to mask, color, adjust hue, saturation, and lightness. Colors also reflect so to make it appear natural to have it reflect the color from the road, trees, and sky and adjust the underlying layer.

Its a crude example and I cant do it for you.


Thank you for your response. Red color to that specific color is possible I also did that. But Purple to #e3bbb3 color not possible. Did you change the purple color to #e3bbb3 color?

No I changed the red but the purple is possible to do as well. Its the same concept. It may require different fine tunings, but you should end with the same results.

It’s impossible I tried it so many times. I tried 3-4 technique. The concept is not same. It’s totally different. Please give it a try if you don’t belive. You will agree with me.

Where did the original high res image come from?

I used to have a car that color purple.

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I provided proof it is possible. I changed the color

With a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer (and a quality selection/mask), any color is possible.

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I am also stuck in the same situation. it seems like this color is making difficulties for other designers as well. I hope I can also find a better answer through this discussion.

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Off-topic a little, but an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider should never be painted a pale Pepto-Bismol pink. That alone would likely drop the value of the car by $10,000.


Try starting with the original, red-colored car rather than starting with the purple car.

I actually felt a little sick. I’m a bit of an Alfa-holic. I’ve had a few over the years. Haven’t got one at the moment and feeling a bit bereft.

I tried this technique at first. When I fail to achieve what I am looking for I tried others. As you did not select the full car, you did not see the result how it looks after applying this technique on the full car. Here how it looks after applying this technique on the car

Full car color change.

Same technique applied in a selected area.

Please look at the full car how it look when I applied your suggested technique. It’s not usable. As it is a car you can select multiple areas and do the color change.

But when it is a small object like Exercise Resistance Bands you can’t apply this method.

Before color change.

After color change:

Hope now everyone can understand why I create this post.


It’s a whole different story when the color is purple. Until you change the purple color to this #e3bbb2 color, it’s not proven. Anyone can change red color to that specific color. But purple to that color not possible. Non destructively not possible.

Why on earth would you include the glass, grills, lights, wheels, and tires in the selection?

Uh yeah, that’s the point; you have to do some real work to make a quality selection. The selection I used demonstrates how the method affects the full range of color and reflections in the car’s painted metal surfaces. It would work just the same on all the car’s painted metal surfaces, but I don’t have time to do that much work just to stop you from acting like someone here owes you something.

If that’s your position, then yes, it’s not possible for you.

My position persists, with a competently applied Hue/Saturation layer and an effective selection, any color is possible, for me.

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I changed that car color red to purple selected glass, grills, lights, wheels. It worked perfectly. When I tried to change purple to #e3bbb3 color. It’s not worked perfectly. Because the situation is different.

I am also looking for someone who can solve this issue. If any color is possible for you then please change the purple color of this image to #e3bbb3. If you can do that. I will hire you. I have lots of color-changing projects.

Utter silliness…

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