Please leave a feedback on my infograhhic

CDC recommendations on safer opioid prescribing

Due to the rapid growth of cases with opioid addiction, as a result of long-term use for chronic pain treatments, almost 30% of opioid patients transitioning to drugs use and over 165,000 deaths related to the opioid overdose since 1999, the CDC released new prescribing guidelines. These guidelines were developed not only to reduce the number of overdoses and use disorder cases but also to ensure effective and safe use of opioid medications for chronic pain and to motivate healthcare providers to seek and recommend other pain treatment alternatives.

Just a couple of thoughts.

The writing needs lots of work. There are mistakes, punctuation errors, lack of clarity, excessive use of passive voice, and general wordiness.

I like the illustrations, but the best infographics rely on graphics to simplify and clarify the message. For example, a pie chart visually conveys proportional relationships in ways that text can’t.

Your approach here is one of just using illustrations to accompany the text. Considering the message, though, maybe that’s all that’s possible.

This post seems kind of weird. It’s in the “introduce yourself” section, but you’re asking for feedback in the post headline. The post body isn’t an introduction, brief or description of what you’ve done . . . it’s an opioid PSA.

All of this gives me the impression we’ll never see or hear from you again. Nevertheless, I’ll offer feedback.

To my eye, this is very bland, and everything runs together, the attempt at creating hierarchy is rudimentary, and the type is boring. If you want to attract attention and get people to read this, I’d take another swing at this and attempt to liven it up to draw the reader in.

I didn’t notice. I’ll move it to the Crit Pit.

@LisaA, I apologize. I’m afraid my remarks came off rather salty. Today was a long day. I believe my critique is accurate, but I should have worded it in a more constructive way, and I shouldn’t have speculated about whether or not we’ll ever see or hear from you again. I hope you prove me wrong.

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