Portfolio crit needed!

Hi there, I’m currently in-between jobs and would really appreciate some crit on my portfolio.
Each project is accompanied by a written explenation- I’d also be open to critique on this.
Thanks !

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This critique is a bit challenging, but I will do my best to offer something helpful.

Slide 1 – Personal preference, but I don’t find the hand writing approach to be particular polished or professional. I don’t know if that’s your own hand writing or a font you created or what. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for it, but it’s not here.

Slide 2 – I hate to say this, because it looks like this is a typeface you designed, but I really had to work hard to figure out what it said. As with the hand writing approach on slide 1, there might be a place for this, but I don’t think it is here. Don’t make a potential employer struggle to read your name.

Slide 3 – Same comment as slide 1 on the type.

Slides 4 to 7 – I did not take the time to read the brief or really stuffy the work, but the overall impression is favorable.

Slide 8 – I don’t think this is as strong as the previously shown work.

Slide 9 – I’d probably cut this one out.

Slide 10 – I like the look of your spreads, but I’m frustrated by the scroll speed. Can you allow the user to click through at their own pace? It seems a little fast as it is.

Slide 11 – Without reading the brief, I’d have no idea what I was looking at. After reading the brief, I only feel like I have a vague idea of what I’m looking at. Is it a ring that you wear on your finger that can clean 1,000 cubic meters of air? Seems a pretty wild claim. How are these sold? If I pass see this on a retail shelf, I have no idea what it is, and I pass right by.

Slide 12 – These spreads seem a more appropriate use of your font, but it is still a bit challenging to read. Same comment as previous magazine spreads. The slides move too fast – which compounds the difficulty I have reading the font.

Slide 13 – I’d look at reworking this to improve the hierarchy.

Slide 14 – Takes a long time to load. Seems redundant after slide 13.

Slide 15 – The poster on slide 13 made me think you have trouble establishing hierarchy. The poster on this page reinforces that. Everything runs together. I’d look at redesigning this piece to highlight the most important items and lead the reader through the poster.

Page 16 – To tell the truth, I’m not sure when one would use an animated poster.

Bottom line, you’re showing a variety of work, and I think you may be better off figuring out what kind of job you want or what you want to be doing and tailor the portfolio a bit more specifically.

I hope that helps.


Hi steve_O, sorry for replying so late, i made this account/ this post and then kind of forgot about it. Thank you so much for all your feedback! i really value it. Straight to the point, just what i needed. I hope you’re doing well