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I’m only getting back into graphics design and would love feedback on my first projects back. behance .net /dz_designs

Honestly, not a lot to say, I’m afraid. It looks like the first steps of someone trying out techniques in photoshop. The type is equally inexperienced.

I assume you have no formal training. I would suggest getting some if possible. Design is so much more than ‘making pretty’.

What you have shown exposes your inexperience of the field, It is not particularly bad for what it is, but what it is, is very early along the path.

Don’t get me wrong, we all started out the same way (my maths book was covered in redrawn Fender, Gibson and Rickenbacker Logos). You just have quite a journey ahead of you want to make a career of it.

Look into doing a degree course – at a physical university, rather than an online thing. The latter will get you a degree of sorts, but will put you at a distinct disadvantage to those who attend an accredited university.

It’s a long haul, but it can be a rewarding one. Not easy, but then again what is, that’s worth having?

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@DZDesigns it’s great that you’re keen to get back into design. Regarding your designs, it feels like there’s a lot going on and you’re trying to do too much at once.

Good design requies restraint. How are you learning design?

Can you post your design here as an image rather than directing to another site?

It looks as if you’re just beginning and we all started were you are now. Just keep at it!
Learn the basics and fundamentals of good design/communication.

A brand isn’t just a banner or logo its a persons perception of the overall brand.
McDonalds doesn’t have a hamburger as a logo they have a golden arch. What does that have to do with fast food? Design is about form, function, color or lack thereof.
Challenge yourself to do an only black and white design.

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