Portfolio Question

Great for asking interesting Question, But i am Confuse what type portfolio you are actually talking about.

My portfolio … well, it’s not really a “portfolio,” exactly, but it is some work that I’ve done. Most of my work is in Photoshop education, so much of my art/photography is done with teaching in mind. Anyway, have a look: myjanee dot com and click Galleries.


Welcome Aboard!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve given you your own post. The Portfolio thread is for just that … Portfolio information location only. Excess conversation just clutters up the thread and buries the important bits.

Thanks for understanding. :slight_smile:

If you weren’t referring to the previous reply in that thread … what “We” mean by portfolio is a place online that holds your creative work and where you might tell someone to go look if they want to see what your skill level is for Graphic Design.

Hope that helps.

Hi Isoftzone,
Portfolio is something very important in business whether online or offline. Anything you have done starting from your day one till date is very crucial. You can also compare your samples of initial days and mature days, these can never be same. Every moment we learn new things and the one who applies learning is bound to succeed.
I will check your portfolio.

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