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Hi all! I’m Lucas, a Junior Graphic Designer searching for critique about my works. It’s my first time reaching out for critique but I feel I have a lot to improve so tell me your feedbacks!

Thanks to whoever take time to see my works,
Hope y’all have a good day.



I am guessing that the Monday Work Round 1, Monday Work Round 2, and Daily Week Typo Poster are personal projects. They appear to be straddling the line between applied arts and fine arts. If I’m reading this correctly, offering a meaningful critique is somewhat difficult. Some of the pieces are nice, some of the pieces you should leave out.

If you’re looking for applied arts work (graphic design), the portfolio should appeal to people in a position to hire you (either as an employee or as a vendor) and showcase the type of work you want to be doing.

My strongest recommendation would be to trim down the number of samples you’re showing. I know this is difficult. It’s all your work, and you’re proud of it. But you’re showing way too much. At one point, while scrolling through one of the categories, I found myself wondering how much more there was. That’s not the thought you want a potential client to have. Pare this down to the best of the best, and write a short brief that explains what the viewer is looking at.

Hope that helps.

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I agree with Steve’s critique, so I won’t elaborate on it.

In addition, though, this is a portfolio of your work, but it took me a minute to realize that you are also seemingly using your behance site to link to “collections” of other people’s work that you admire. This might confuse a potential client or employer who could easily mix up your work with the work by others.

Maybe it’s just me being confused by this. I have a Behance account, but I seldom look at it or pay much attention to Behance. Then again, potential clients and employers are likely even more ignorant of the conventions there than I am.

I didn’t catch this. I agree with Just-B, collections or links to other people’s work should not be included. I hope I was commenting on the right work.

Could you please explain more this? I understand that you saying that I’m somewhat copying other artist work? Monday Work 1 and 2 are personal projects where I experiment with different tecniques not a copy and paste of others artist work (isn’t that illegal?).
Normally in the portfolio that I use in my last interviews I show only the first 2 works (Industry 4.0 and Chain of Words) with a selection of my best 10 posters from Monday work, all included with explanation about the work. I use Behance to show all my experiments and I agree that in may need a trim work, I just don’t see Behance a place where you can be hired.
By the way thank you to you two for the time and for the feedbacks, this is really helping me.

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You misunderstood.

On your Behance portfolio, there is a menu — Work, Collections and Appreciations. The examples shown in the Work section are your work. The work in the Collections and Appreciations sections, however, appears to be the work of others whose work you simply admire.

This confused me since this is your portfolio and the work in the Collections sections, I first assumed, were collections of your work. After studying it, however, it appears these are simply collections of things you admire rather than of things you’ve created. If this is the case, it should be made more clear. It’s confusing and possibly misleading.

Personally, I would not link to others’ work from Behance since most people, I think, assume that everything listed on your Behance site belongs to you and is part of your portfolio. Pinterest is a better place for linking to collections of other people’s work that you like since that’s what Pinterest is usually used for.


Now I get it, I try to make it more clear to read and follow the recommendation from Steve_O and from you. My last question is, I need to trim and show my best work to show to a potential client, but in case of a personal website (I still don’t have it but I think every designer need to have one) is good to have a section where I can show all the posters?

Thanks for your time and your feedback,
Have a good day!

Those are just automatically made collections similar to liking & saving posts on Instagram. The only way you can get around them is to not interact with any of the community at all but I’m not sure you can disable guests from seeing them.

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