Portofolio site crit

i mean… its on another language but you can use google translate by pasting the link to translate the page


What are you trying to achieve here?

Are you a hobbyist, a student, trying to make a career out of design? We need some context.

Your 3D work is stronger than your 2D work. But does your 3D work actually function? I don’t know much about 3D, but do you rig the characters to be able to move in their environments? Or is your work just static images that appear 3D?

I like that your site looks unique compared to other portfolios, so that can help you stand out.

If you provide more information about your work and what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll get more valuable critiques.

thanks for the reply

actually, im all of those, a student hobbyist that tryin to make a career out of my hobby.

well, most of the model are already rigged so you can say they moves.

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