Posted a logo here a while back, looking for critique on the brand presentation

Hey all,
I’m looking for feedback and suggestions on improving the brand presentation for a logo I created. I posted it here a couple months ago and took suggestions to make it look less like a clip-art file. The client ended up not using it but I didn’t want the design to go to waste!

Any feedback appreciated:
Behance Brand Presentation

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The logo and brand presentation both look great. Good work. It’s a shame the client didn’t choose this.

I like it. My only concern is with the overlap of the two orange characters. I feel these two shapes should have been merged with the pathfinder, and then the gradient applied afterwards. That aside, it’s very well done.

I agree with @Steve_O and @Biggs. Nice logo. Great color, like the background!, nice font, nice posture and it reflects the product/service. I would leave the ‘overlap-gradient’ between the P and its mirrored P, but that’s just a minor detail. All perfect, fresh and modern to me!

The logo is surely a nice piece of work. The presentation is great too, and I know I’m supposed to like it, but it does bother me how it seems now that designers of logos have also become every-kind-of-mockup jockeys. Actually though, if I was going to pare down the presentation (and I certainly would), the first thing I’d remove is the typeface exploration and other ideations pieces. If the design is final, let it stand alone as the star of the show and keep what belongs behind the curtain out of view. Maybe there’s a feeling that those glimpses of process add interest, but IMO, seeing all those other iterations and alternate ideas weakens the impression of the final.

I’ve heard this from multiple people and the more I look, the more I agree. Thanks for the feedback

Thank you! Helpful tips and I do get a little mock-up crazy sometimes. The client always likes to see it but I agree it clouds the presentation.

Your copy needs to be proofread.

When the company first started out, they bought their logo online only to realized it was a stock image. A new, modern and functional logo and brand identity was created to take its place.

I’d suggest rewriting that block entirely, as it adds no value to the presentation for the following reasons:

  1. Of course a new, modern, and functional logo were created. Nobody’s going to post work of old, outdated, dysfunctional logos.
  2. Saying that the client chose not to move forward with this work makes me think there was something wrong with you (even though it may not have been your fault). Did you miss deadlines? Were you too expensive? Did you miss the mark of the brief? Is it even a real client ( links to a domain parking site).

Instead of glossing over what you did, maybe take this opportunity to talk about the strengths of the brand. “I created a logo that represents strength and confidence. The new logomark resonates with Quapro’s target audience by alluding to a bodybuilder flexing and puffing out their chest.”

Furthermore, instead of saying “current logo” for the old logo, name it “previous logo”.

Who is the CEO/Co-Founder? It looks like a stock or fake project when the CEO of a company is named Jane Doe. If you can’t use the CEOs real name for any reason, pick something that doesn’t sound like a placeholder. Or, perhaps is a german placeholder (Julia Dietrich).

Other than that: Good work. The logo looks great.

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