Posters: Designer vs Client

Every month I have a returning client. He always needs a poster for a weekend event he has.
He is always vague on how it should look. Usually leaving it up to me on what to make. His directions are usually:

Make it big, center everything. “They said they want something new like crazyer looking” ~ client

Demographics: Balkan/Macedonian people.
Event Setting: Club Event/Very Traditional Music to Modern

So I made a poster, confident it was bigger, crazier, bright, eyecatching and centered. Something different than dark posters with white type. He liked it but wanted something crazier looking. So i developed a second poster quickly in a third of the time and…yea.

I’m just pitting these two posters against each other.

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I think the second one is stronger overall, but I like a lot of what is happening in the “circles around a circle” layout of the top one.

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Just on first impression, as designs go I like the first one better, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the more effective of the two. Although, the objective was “crazier,” the second one is more typical, and probably the more appropriate solution.

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My opinion largely matches up with HotButton’s. I like the first one, but the second one might be more effective. You didn’t say which was the crazier 2nd one, though. To me, the first one is the more unusual of the two.

Every month a new, flashy poster. That would be a fun ongoing project.

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The Objective wasn’t crazier until after I submitted the first one. He always wants these as soon as possible, so the second one is the option he preferred. I thought of it as a safer route than the first and tried to avoid doing something like that.

The top design is my personal favorite. The circles around the circle which is a record because they are DJ’s for the event with the frontrunners.

They all do mate.

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