Product Designer who wants to become Designer

Hi all, I am a Product Designer working in AI field. I have worked of numerous startups and global corporations getting their product from 0 to market.

I have good eye for design by hand and code, but am honestly afraid to use the graphical tools due to so many options in them :scream: which brings me here.

I want to start from beginning as a student of design and learn graphics design, which will add the emotion to the products I build and have the empathy that they deserve.

You could start by giving it, it’s correct title; graphic design. Not graphics design. I know, I’m being a complete pedant, but it is like calling your job products design. Although technically correct, it’s more than a little irksome.

As to learning, the as a product designer, you are already a long way there, in that you get the whole problem-solving thing.

I had a friend who transitioned from being a textile designer to graphic design. She didn’t have to start from scratch, as she already got the plot.

I don’t think you’ll need a whole new three year degree. Maybe do a 1 year Masters, or do it over two years part time. Just a thought.

How that goes could depend on where in the world you are. I suspect your are not in the United States, but if you were, you may not get to become a working graphic designer just by deciding it, or even through the most earnest pursuit. Check into the state of the profession in your locale. Which are in higher demand, graphic designers, or graphic design jobs?

I have started showing my work to all on behance such as this.