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hi I have just done graphic designing course can someone guide me what should i do now. Apart from freelancing, there should be some work. I would like to improve my skills with an organization.

Describe what you mean by a “graphic designing course.”

For about the milliionth time:
The proper road to freelance work is to work in the industry 5-10 years, learning all the ropes you can from someone more skilled than you, then maybe considering freelance work. Contrary to popular practice, going from class to freelance spells disaster, mostly for your clients, but also for your paycheck.

Also, depending on where you live, your chances of landing a job vary greatly. In the US, an entry level position requires a 4 year design degree (a Bachelor of Art usually) AND 2 years of on the job experience, which I recommend getting while still in school.

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you are the first person who guided me i am deeply grateful to you for this .please also tell me what are the requirements to become a logo designer

If you have to ask, you are not ready to be in this field.
That is the simple but true answer.

Hint: Logo design is not a field of graphic design in and of itself. It is very small part of the much broader field of Brand design, for which an education and experience is very much required.

Or you can waste your time on crowdsource sites hoping to get paid for all the hours you work. Kinda like the lottery there. You lose more often than you win.

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Well, 50 million people around the globe partaking cannot be wrong.

50,000,000 designers?

Of those 50 million participants, how many are being paid fairly?
How many are winning the ‘contest’?

Is it 1% of 50,000,000?

How many of them are using industry-standard software and producing files that are reusable by other designers?
How many are being worked in sweatshops?
How many have pirated software?
How many have pirated fonts, images, designs?
How many have stolen other artwork?

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Self-proclaimed. Everyone’s a designer, as they say.

Graphic designing designers!

Logo design is a particular application of graphic design, and as you point out, ideally a small part of a larger branding project. The execution of a logo design that’s based on the work of an overarching brand project may be successfully delegated to a talented designer who isn’t necessarily a competent brand developer. So it is a fact that someone like saadali could find a satisfying position in logo design with a less than ideal education in branding.

Sure, but, I suspect the case here to be somewhat different from being the go-to person in an agency that just does the logo part. With the current lean and mean state of agencies, I’m not even sure such a position would exist anymore.